5 Healthy Foods to Help Your Child Have Instant Energy

Between running you ragged and bouncing off the way, it sometimes feels like your child doesn’t need energy. But the truth is that these days, many seemingly healthy kids and not feeding well – they are undernourished. What foods you give to your kids can make the difference if they are going to be the hyperactive or just dull and drained of energy. Below are five foods every kid needs to ensure instant energy.

#1: Water

Yes, water! This plain old H2O is one of the fastest energy boosters you can ever get. When your kids are not well hydrated, they become weak and their brain foggy, making it pretty hard for them to concentrate. Children don’t usually know when they are dehydrated, so help them by keeping water handy and offer it to them often.

#2: Oatmeal:  

Even though grains have been getting bad names recently, whole grains still remain one of the best energy sources we can ever have, especially for growing kids. The carbohydrate and fiber contained in oatmeal provide a lasting and consistent source of energy. Try to make them eat by skipping the pre-fab packets and cook some yourself. Add some real butter and add a few chocolate chips or sprinkles on top.

#3: Eggs

Yes, we are all aware of how great protein is when it comes to giving us some energy and build strong muscles. But the truth is that I have never seen any child comfortable with sitting down with a big steak and a bottle of horseradish. So how do they get to eat some protein?

Egg has been an easy and clean source of protein every child likes. Plus it can be cooked in several different ways to make the children interested every time it’s served. Just be creative with your eggs and you will be helping your child crop in a whole deal of energy for the day.

#4: Banana

Surprisingly today, many kids are potassium deficient without their parents knowing about it. This could manifest in many ways, including memory problems and lethargy. Banana is rich in potassium and when eaten regularly will not only save your child from potassium deficiency but will also prevent his energy from being drained often.  

#5: Fish

Research has proved that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish like wild salmon can help reduce hyperactivity and depression while increasing focus and concentration. Also. Fish is a source of high-quality protein that keeps your child’s blood sugar steady as it also keeps them full for hours. Interestingly, even when your kids don’t want to take fish, there are some supplements rich in omega-3 that can still help do the magic. You can check out some supplements at SynerG suppléments if your child falls into this category.