7 Things to Do Before You Turn 50

We all have things that we have always wanted to do, places that we would love to see, cuisines and cultures that we would love to experience but life, in general, has gotten in the way of us fulfilling these desires.

Bucket lists are not uncommon especially amongst young and middle-aged adults, but the activities that we are suggesting here can be done in the routine of everyday life.

After careful research and observation of numerous individuals above 50, we collated a list of 7 activities that everyone should do before they turn 50.

Visit Every Continent

Travelling the world is usually included in most people’s bucket list, and it’s not hard to figure out why. You do not need to visit every single one country, but it would be good  to visit at least one country on each continent for good measure. This will give you a real flavour of different countries and cultures.

You can travel alone or making it more memorable by venturing around the world with those you love.

Attend a World Cup Match

It’s no longer news that Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport in the world with millions of people following it religiously.

The FIFA World Cup is indisputably the most important competition in world football, attending one of these matches is definitely worth it, you can make it even more special by attending the final.

If soccer is not your preferred sport then look at attending an international meet of your favourite sport and see that sport being played at the highest level. The atmosphere of an event like this is worth experiencing.

Plan for your Retirement

Retirement might seem very distant right now but the truth is that it can creep up on you and next thing you know, you are rapidly approaching retirement.

Most of our productive working years come before we turn 50, so it’s important to plan well for your retirement. Turning 50 should be a time where retirement plans are consolidated.

Take Part in a Marathon

This is a very rewarding and challenging activity but it is definitely an event you should partake in at least once in your lifetime if your health allows. Start training gradually. Maybe run a couple of local 10k’s and half marathons before competing in a marathon.

Most major cities across the world host marathons that are open for everyone to partake in. Just ensure you are aware of how and when to apply as often organisers only allow a set number of people to run.

Create something worth remembering

There are few things more rewarding than creating or starting something that will be here long after you are gone.

Leaving behind a legacy will ensure that you will be remembered. There’s a reason why individuals like Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King Jr. will never be forgotten. It is because they impacted the world around them in ways previously unseen.

This can most easily be done at a local level. Look around your town and see what projects you can be involved in or start. Think about what facilities may be lacking and see if there is a way you can help to bring these facilities to town.

Live in a Resort Community

One of the most effective ways for individuals in or around 50 to enhance their way of living would be to live in a lifestyle resort.

A resort community offers you a relaxing lifestyle enriched with a plethora of leisure activities done within a supportive and caring community.

Learn a New Language

In order to become world citizens, we need to immerse ourselves in foreign cultures that are strange to us.

Learning a new language is a perfect way for you to explore the world and understanding a second language is a great way to improve your general communication skills.

Image Pexels License CCO