Activity-based incentive designs do not work

We have to understand that activity-based incentive designs do work at all. Sometimes, they might work. But most of the times, it would not work, and then we will have to face a number of problems.

Choose any other method

Health plan sponsors mainly have two options while designing corporate wellness programs. One is the activity based, and the other is Health-Contingent. The activity-based designs might fascinate you as there are incentives attached to it but have you ever thought that what would you be getting out of it.

How will you be benefitted by it? Well, the answer is that you will be paying a huge amount of money and in return, you will get something very little. Your objectives cannot be achieved if you choose this part of the game.

Results might not be good, and your money might get wasted

You are putting in a huge amount of money, thinking that your members would do the right thing, but you are clearly wrong, and your thinking is also wrong at the same time. A health-contingent model is the most loved and satisfactory method that will definitely yield positive results.

Measure the performance in a smooth manner

When there are set methods and the procedure to follow, the members would follow it in order to achieve the best results. In this manner, you will measure the results easily. The results will be measured in a smooth manner.

In a health-contingent model, you still might be needing to award incentives to the members. But then you will be awarding it once you get the required results. So, the incentive designs might be helpful sometimes.

Now make a sensible choice as FitLyfe’s 360 Platform is always available to support you in any case.