Are Your Favorite Foods Making You Sicker?

Living a healthier, happier, and longer life is something that everyone can get behind. You may have already taken steps to improve your health like changing up your diet, but a diet is a long-term plan where small variations in nutritional content can have drastic results over time. To help you avoid hurting your body and spending time looking for “internal medicine Dallas” online, here are a few common food favorites that have deceptive nutritional values.

Nutrition Bars

How could something advertised as nutritious be bad for you? Most of these are packed to the brim with calories, fat, sugar, and protein. If you haven’t eaten for a while and have no time to stop or cook, then they can perform well in a pinch. If you make them a regular snack, you can be overloading your body with nutrients and not even realize it. Read the nutritional label, even if the food product wants to convince you that it’s healthy with marketing techniques.

Dairy Products

It may be surprising to hear, but the majority of the world is lactose intolerant. The level of intolerance varies, but most people will suffer from nausea, diarrhea, and other nasty effects when they consume dairy. This means that a bowl of cereal in the morning may give your body much-needed calcium and vitamin D, but the gastrointestinal irritation can make it more difficult to consume food properly later. Processed dairy like cheese is typically okay in smaller amounts but try not to overdo any dairy.

Fruit Juice

By now, most people know that too much sugar can lead to complications like obesity and diabetes, and they try to make the sugar they do consume worth a bit more by getting it with some vitamins and minerals. Juice falls into this category, but the unfortunate reality is that most juice is watered down and sugared up so much that it could be a soda if you carbonated it. A little bit of juice can be good, but downing liters of it can be a prominent source of calories and sugar in your diet.

White Bread

The creation of bread with its abundant calories and rich nutrients played a pivotal role in human advancement. Some form of processed grain is present in every culture’s cuisine, but the highly processed bread that once dominated the store shelves are missing the fiber from the germ and bran of the grain seeds. Even though it’s frequently the cheapest bread and your kids may love it, jumping to a whole grain bread can round out a healthy diet in a tastier way than you might expect. Look out for the whole wheat enriched bread, though, as many brands have nutritional content that’s barely better than plain white bread.