Author: Danny White

Anxiety Therapy: Causes, Symptoms and treatment

Anxiety is one of the many emotions flooded in our mind. It neither belongs to the happy emotions, not to the sad ones but nervousness and uneasy. Every one of us in one or another point of our life has suffered from anxiety, but when this exceeds a certain limit, it becomes a disorder. While […]

Top 5 Surprising Benefits of the Daily Meditation

When it comes to maintaining your health in the modern lifestyle, it is essential to focus on your mental health as stress is one of the primary health concerns in this modern world. Meditation is one of the best ways to enhance mental health, spiritual, emotional and physical health too. It has many more health […]

What is a Berkey?

If the word Berkey is new to you, then you are probably one of a minority of people who have not heard about it. Synonymous with clean pure water, Berkeys have become the most popular choice for many households around the world. Besides filtering and purifying tap water from contaminants that are now found even […]

Will Nootropics Be Beneficial For Your Brain Health?

In the present day and age, everyone wants to be “in the zone”. They want to give their best and want to have an improved version of themselves. Who does not want to have well set cognitive function along with improved vision and mental clarity, at all times? This is the reason why; Nootropics supplements […]

Essence forthe Source of Creation

There is no other place in the world which is safer than a mother’s womb.In fact, it is the very sacred sanctum sanctorium of creation. All life on earth starts with a mother. And every superior thing in the world is compared to a mother and is called a mother. Mother tongue, mother earth, Mother […]


Most leading depressions do not fall out during the vacations, they take place in summertime. Here are 10 strange but petty known facts about depressive disorder. Depression deforms your thinking: Once you are depressed, your brain can work tricks on you. Whenever you have ideas of suicide, surely call somebody instantly. Do not let a […]

How do You Help Yourself in Reducing Stress?

Stress is an unpleasant state and comes even without welcoming them. It saps out the joy, beauty, and texture of living. It causes depression, anger, headaches, cancer, heart attacks, accidents, suicide and many other unwanted things in life. A person who is stress lives a smaller and poorer life. Though you can relate stress with […]

Benefits You are Going to Get Through Gym?

For long and healthier life, a body needs exercise. Making a routine of regular exercise is the surest path for a healthier and longer life. Every adult should do aerobic exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes every week as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, but too few people follow this recommendation. But […]

The Glo Up is Real With Yoga Online

In our uber fast-paced and sometimes rat race type of society, it seems as though self-care continuously takes a back seat. We are all busier than ever and too often overworked as well as overstressed. The latter has made it increasingly more difficult for many of us to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into our […]