Author: Donald Phillips

Cancer Prevention:  Tips to Reduce Your Risk

Are you concerned about cancer and its prevention?  It can be controlled by eating a healthy diet and constant screening. The idea on the prevention of cancer is still evolving because most times a specific cancer prevention guideline in one study is advised against in some order study. The probability of developing cancer is determined […]

The Importance of Travel Medical Insurance

There are always a lot of things to do before one can finally migrate to another country. An individual cannot wake up one morning and decide to leave; there are protocols to ensure that you make the most of your travel. Travel medical insurance is one of the essential components of a successful and enjoyable […]

Canadian Drug laws: If you are in Canada, you should know them

The legality of Cannabis in confusing in Canada. The media, courts, elected representatives, etc. claim that changes have been made in the marijuana laws, so what are the changes? Well, if you possess a tiny amount of marijuana, you are still doing it completely illegally. No personal marijuana plants can be grown in any household, […]

What Drugs Produce in the Body When the Effect has Passed

All drugs, legal and illegal, produce alterations in people. Not only at the moment in which it is expected, and foreseeable effects are triggered, but also in the organs and their internal connections once the first effects disappeared. Some substances can even stay in the blood for several days, a month in the urine and […]

Hysteroscopy – The what and how of it

Women suffering from the heavy menstrual flow and severe cramps in extreme cases may require medication and even a procedure to understand the sexual health. Doctors suggest hysteroscopy to understand and take a better look at the cervix and uterus to identify the root cause of the problem. Hysteroscopy is not a major procedure and […]

How Telehealth Services Add To Corporate Productivity

Modern science and technology have made great advancements in various fields and research work is being conducted in a spectrum of fields. The field of medicine has made optimum advancements and currently, the modern technology is focusing on making medical help available to people in every corner of the world even if it means virtual […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Butt Uplifts

There are many kinds of butt lifting procedures provided today, out of them the most popular is the Brazilian butt lift. Butt lift techniques are also called as butt augmentations or gluteal augmentations. Apart from the butt lift, these procedures also improve the shape of the body overall. These procedures encompass eradication of excess skin, […]

What is Trachea, Lung Cancer and Bronchus?

Trachea: – Trachea is present in every breathing animals as well as human beings who have lungs. It is the windpipe of the body. It connects Pharynx (a part of the throat that is situated behind the mouth) and Larynx ( an organ which functions to produce sound and helps in breathing, it is also […]

Outshine In Healthcare with the Right Approach and Proper Phlebotomy Training

HHealthCare has always embraced qualified professionals with pleasing personality and ability to handle high-pressure situations calmly. Healthcare segment is growing at a fast pace consequently healthcare jobs are in high demand across the globe. Phlebotomy is a procedure related to drawing blood for laboratory testing, donations, transfusions, and research.  Job profile of phlebotomist is challenging, […]