Benefits of giving up Sugar

For quite some time now, there has been a campaign that advocates giving up whites in order to live long. Whites here include refined flour, rice, salt, and sugar. Even among these, sugar is regarded as the greatest foe to an individual’s health. you may wonder how sugar which is extracted from sugarcane or beet which is a natural substance could pose a health hazard. It all rests on the manufacturing process that is involved in making sugar specifically on the refining process.  Activist Guide no sugar suggests that refined sugar should never be a part of the staple diet a person takes. Even if it is used, it has to be used in moderation.

Refined sugar consumption and effects

  Usually, you tend to be careful about refined sugar intake only when you are diagnosed to have diabetes. All the sweets, pasta, white bread, soda and even the so-called fat-free or low-fat snacks, sauces, fruit juices, energy drinks, and yogurts may contain refined sugar, that which is not quite essential for your body. Studies suggest that just because your blood tests exempt you from being called a diabetic or just because you are thin or not overweight, it does not mean that you the amount of refined sugar you are actually consuming is not affecting your health. Activist Guide no sugar suggest that refined sugar has a negative effect on the health of individuals of all age groups. Studies also suggest that you can lose about 12 pounds in two weeks by eliminating calories from refined sugar without reducing the calories of food you take in a day.

Refined sugar-  bad for waistlines

 Taking refined sugar directly as well as in the form of products that contain high amounts of added sugars such as packaged fruit drinks, sugary cereals, baked goods, beverages, etc have the potential to cause weight gain. This, in turn, would lead to other chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disorders.  Activists Guide no sugar suggest that even small amounts of added sugar in food can result in weight gain quickly when you tend to take these foods regularly. Alternatively, eating food with high sugar has the potential to increase your blood sugar levels. Prolonged elevated blood sugar levels can result in a condition called hyperglycemia. This could result in weight gain owing to the promotion of insulin resistance as well as serious harm to the parts of the body. Insulin resistance and high blood sugar usually would result in increased body fat, especially, in the belly region.

 Refined sugar- bad for the brain

 Studies on the effect of refined sugar on the brain as well as Activists Guide no sugar suggest that eating foods with an excessive amount of sugar has an impact on cognitive skill as well as the self-control of a person.  It is also suggested by scientists that sweet foods can also produce symptoms of addiction.  It could lead to overeating and weight gain as well.  how does this happen?  foods high in sugar are believed to activate certain regions of the brain that are associated with the reward response. The foods high in sugar provoke an intense feeling of hunger when compared to low glycemic or low in sugar foods. Studies suggest that foods that cause a higher elevation in blood glucose level would produce a greater addictive drive.  Inflammaation of the brain though not of a permanent nature as well as deficits in memory have also been attributed to high consumption of sugar and sugar-laden food.

 Low sugar and Low –GI diet supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids can help you restore brain health and control weight gain as well.