Breaking down BCAA: Why you should add BCAA powder to your diet


BCAA forms an essential part of your diet if you intend to get stronger, more tensile muscles with faster recovery from exercise.

Those who work out regularly or who are into bodybuilding for fitness, will attest to the powers of protein powders and bodybuilding supplements. However, there is often a lot of confusion about the kind of supplements one should consume, because each may have a different base nutrient that helps in muscle and tissue building and repair.

The most common substance to consume if you wish to aid muscle repair with adequate protein, is BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). The human body needs up to 20 different amino acids every day, which it may not get through food sources alone. Thus, supplements like BCAA powders can be consumed in required amounts daily, to keep the muscles fit and limber.

These are some reasons why you must add BCAA powder to your daily diet:

* To recover faster and feel less fatigued after the workout.

You’ve noticed how sore and painful your muscles get after an intense leg day or biceps day. The muscles typically require about 48 hours to recover fully after a strenuous workout, but this recovery can be helped along by taking a bodybuilding supplement that contains BCAA. If you routinely struggle with post-workout soreness for at least one day after the workout, it means that your muscles need help recovering. You can buy BCAA powder to reduce the levels of creatine kinase, a phenomenon associated with muscle damage. Consume the bodybuilding supplement within 30 minutes of finishing the workout.

* Make fat burn happen, to lose inches and weight.

Most people join the gym or take up some form of exercise hoping to lose their excess fat.But this does not always go as per plan! Protein bodybuilding supplements in the form of BCAA powders can help you burn fat faster, without burning muscle for energy during the workout. BCAA prevents muscle wastage, and replenishes the protein stores inside muscles during exercise. Thus, the body effectively burns only fat in a targeted manner.

* Sculpt your muscles via exercise.

The big thrill for most bodybuilders is to have sets of well-defined muscles all over their bodies. This is possible only by lifting heavy weights by targeting a different muscle group every day. But the targeted muscle settles down hours after the exercise. To keep it pumped and hard, you need to take bodybuilding supplements that are enhanced with BCAAs or creatine. These substances aid muscle growth and development, and also maintain muscle hardness to give them a distinct shape.

* Prevent protein deficiency.

Those who consume less or negligible amounts of protein via their daily food, can consume BCAA powderfor their daily protein intake. Those suffering from protein deficiency, especially if they follow a strict vegetarian diet, must consume this powder daily to prevent infections and muscle weakness. It also aids skin and hair health.