Canadian Drug laws: If you are in Canada, you should know them

The legality of Cannabis in confusing in Canada. The media, courts, elected representatives, etc. claim that changes have been made in the marijuana laws, so what are the changes? Well, if you possess a tiny amount of marijuana, you are still doing it completely illegally. No personal marijuana plants can be grown in any household, not even one plant; whereas, the commercial pharmaceutical companies are licensed only if they grow in very regulated areas, and only licensed personals can purchase those expensive marijuana.

From when is the law for marijuana enforced?

From early pasts, possession of marijuana was a criminal offense and had serious penalties. In 1996, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, also known as CDSA was added in the law and it clearly mentions that possession of a small or tiny amount of marijuana or a single plant or seed of marijuana is completely illegal. Possession of marijuana can make you be charged with Trafficking.

Even if someone is sick, he or she has to jump through several hoops and loops of law to acquire an exemption from the laws and then will have the ability to posses some sub-standard marijuana with a higher price.

So, to put it correctly, Canadian law is way behind laws of many USA states, and it is not moving forward, rather you can say backward.

Decriminalization of Marijuana in Canada

A lot of people believe that marijuana is decriminalized in Canada, but the fact is that it is promised before every election by many representatives. There are even proposals for the change of the law in a positive direction, but it never passed. There was a draft by Chretien Government to legalize or at least replace the jail terms, penalties for possession of marijuana of fewer than 30 grams or 15 grams, but after a long debate, it was never made law. This bill was redrafted and re-debated several times, but again no law was made.

Government versus Court

After court started interfering and forcing the government to make a change at least to very sick Canadians, the sick Canadians have to pass through many difficult steps to convince their doctor for helping them with the necessary applications. Most of the doctors are unwilling to deal with such situation, whatever the condition of the patient is due to the newly introduced law known as Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. As per MMAR, a person can cultivate marijuana only if licensed by MMAR. Now, the new MMAR regulations are starting to allow commercial and pharmaceutical companies to garden marijuana plants.

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