Causes And Symptoms of Heartburn And Ways To Avoid It 


Many of us experience heartburn at some point or the other. It is a burning pain that we may feel in our chest just behind the backbone and it gets even worse after eating or even in the evening and also when we lie down. 

Heartburn that occurs occasionally isn’t a cause of worry. Most people can manage the uneasiness but for those who can’t they tend to either get medicines or make lifestyle changes. Heartburn if it becomes more common and starts to cause a problem with daily routine can lead to a more serious condition.

Here are the symptoms of heartburn:

  •         It causes a burning sensation in the chest and this happens more while eating or in the night.
  •         This kind of pain gets worse when we lie down or bend.
  •         This pain also causes an acidic bitter taste in our mouths.

When you need to get a medical checkup:

Go to the doctor immediately if there is chest pain that is very severe and it gets combined with other signs and symptoms like arm pain or jaw pain or even difficulty breathing. It may also be a sign of heart attack.

Take an appointment if you have the following issues:

  •         Your conditions appear more than twice a week.
  •         Even after medications your symptoms continue.
  •         There is a problem with swallowing.
  •         You feel nauseous or want to go and vomit.
  •         You are losing weight because of poor appetite or problems eating.

Causes of heartburn

Heartburn is a result of the acid of the stomach that backs into the tube which carries the food from our mouth into our stomach.

Normally whenever we eat something a band of the muscle that is placed at the bottom of our esophagus relaxes to allow the food to flow down and then tightens again.  If our esophagus relaxes in an abnormal manner or weakens the acid tends to flow up the esophagus and causes heartburn and is the worst when you are lying down.

Foods to avoid if you are prone to heartburn are:

  •         Avoid spicy food because that will lead to more heartburn because of the ingredients in it.
  •         Also if you have heartburn its best to avoid onions
  •         Any citrus fruits as they also have a lot of acid in them already
  •         Things made of tomato like ketchup can also cause heartburn
  •         Food that is deep fried or have a lot of oil in it can also lead to heartburn
  •         Alcohol caffeine and carbonated beverages tend to trigger the effect.
  •         Large meals also cause danger hence eat small meals
  •         Though chocolate is a favourite with most people even it can lead to a lot of heartburn.

Many times when the heartburn becomes unbearable, people can take over the counter medicines some of which can be very harmful and have side effects and can even lead to cancer as well. The Zantac lawsuit is a legal claim that helps you get financial assistance in the event that taking a certain medicine leads to a cancer diagnosis.