CBD for anxiety: does it make a difference?

A lot of people are talking about the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) for anxiety. This substance, which is non-psychoactive and comes from cannabis and hemp, is available in many different forms, each of which provides the CBD in a different way. In this post, we will analyse the existing research on CBD for anxiety, and offer some pointers on how you can use CBD edibles wholesale and other CBD products to manage the condition.

What the research says

Unfortunately, there is a lack of clinical research on CBD for all conditions, and we only have a few studies to go on. However, the evidence that does exist is promising, and is essentially backed up by a survey that showed anxiety to be the third most common reason for taking CBD products.

A simulated experiment back in 2011 showed the effectiveness of CBD for anxiety versus a placebo. The European study involved making two groups of anxiety patients, who have never taken anxiety medication, perform a public speaking test – one group were given a 600mg dose of CBD in a capsule, while the others took a placebo. Neither group knew which one they were taking.

The results were remarkable, with the CBD group doing better in all departments than the placebo group, in regard to their anxiety levels leading up to the test and during the speech. This research is especially noteworthy for those with social anxiety, although as likely applicable for all types of anxiety.

More recent studies have looked into the pharmacology of CBD, and why it appears to produce an anti-anxiety effect. While a receptor in the serotonin system may be implicated in CBD’s effect on anxiety, perhaps more important is the compound’s influence on inhibitory GABA neurotransmitter. Anxiety is regulated by GABA in the brain, and when levels of this neurotransmitter are low, we tend to experience more anxiety. CBD ensures that enough GABA is available to regulate anxiety, impacting GABA-A receptors as a positive allosteric modulator.

How to use CBD for anxiety

Now that we know that CBD can have a reductive effect on anxiety, let’s turn our attention to which CBD products may be most beneficial. Any product with CBD that is ingested can have a therapeutic effect, but the type of anxiety you suffer from and your personal situation will influence which form of CBD is most suitable for you.

Tincture oils and vape juices

Those who experience intense anxiety will require an anxiety treatment that works efficiently, and can quickly rebalance concentrations of GABA in the brain. Tincture oils and vape juices are the fastest acting CBD products out there, and will make your anxiety easier to cope with in just minutes.

Vape juices are slightly more efficient than tincture oils, however these require you to inhale the vapor into your lungs. Evidence suggests that vaping is not as harmful as smoking, but vaping is likely to be riskier than not vaping at all. If you have previously smoked or are happy to vape, then for sure, take your CBD in this form. However, if you would rather consume CBD in a healthier way, CBD tincture oils are the next most effective way to benefit from CBD. These work by administering the oil under the tongue, where the blood vessels absorb it directly into the bloodstream.

Edibles and capsules

Generalized anxiety often causes a steady feeling of fear and uncertainty, without the symptoms ever being too intense. In this case, a CBD treatment that lasts for longer, and is equipped to deal with chronic symptoms may yield better results. This is where edibles, capsules and other wholesale CBD products shine.

With these, you can expect the benefits to last for an entire day, which is perfect if you suffer from anxiety at work. Moreover, CBD edibles and capsules offer maximum discretion when taking CBD in comparison to vape juices, which can generate a potent and notorious cannabis-like smell. If you are concerned about the smell of vaping, then it’s a counter-productive way of using CBD for anxiety.

Not to mention, there are so many delicious edibles to choose from, such as gummy bears, honey sticks, brownies and even infused lollipops. If you decide to go with CBD capsules, we recommend swilling them down with a glass of water. Another advantage of edibles and capsules is you know the precise amount of CBD in each dose, as opposed to vape juices which require some guess work.