CBD Legalization : What is the Farm Bill 

The 2014 Farm Bill also known as the 2014 Agricultural Act was purposely a pilot program for guiding the hemp industry which led to the legalization of cultivation core activities that have currently enabled the rapid growth of the help industry in many remarkable ways. The house of the Senate back in 2018 passed the bill and the bill later signed in to law by President Trump. It became the 2018 new Farm Act. The Act officially removed hemp which is commonly known as the cannabis plant from the schedule one of controlled substances list since has less than 0.3% THC from the Congressional viewpoint.  

The Farm Bill later proceeded to be the law after the FDA issued its long waited statement which stated that any hemp made CBD products that are marketed to be of therapeutic benefits or those that are considered dietary supplement are legal to sell only after the approval and review from the FDA.  

However, CBD is still considered and categorized as Schedule one of the controlled substances under the DEA, but under the Federal standpoint, it is considered in a similar manner as any other agricultural commodity. The Federal viewpoint makes it legal to not only grow cannabis but also purchase CBD product that is considered of therapeutic benefits in the United States. It has further led to the provision of cultivation water to farmers of hemp especially those residing in dry regions to ensure high-quality production.  

 Additionally, it has seen farmers get access to grants, research, insurance cover and marketing of their products globally just like farmers of other crops. Most of the hemp-derived CBD product extracted from the marijuana plant is considerable remains a great subject of individual state regulations. CBD sourced from the hemp plant is legal and therefore can be consumed and purchased in all of the 50 United States as long as all the growing requirement is in accordance with 2018 Farm Act.  

There is a clear legal status at the Federal level on the hemp growing however there are some variations at the individual state level. Back in June 2018, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had its first approval of the CBD derived drugs which had a purified CBD oil which was used in the treatment of various childhood seizure syndromes. The results were very promising, and this has led to many scientists getting interested in finding the long-term benefits and hence treatment of many other medical conditions in the future.   

When harvested in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD oil has less than 0.3% THC and therefore federally legal for consumption. CBD extracted from the hemp plant is legal to use at the federal level and enforced similarly in the individual United States.