Combined health insurance – Hospital and extra cover

Health insurance is a boon to the world that makes every health care possible whether you can afford it or not. Having health insurance for yourself and your family gives you a worry-free and liberated life. However, the choice of correct health insurance is a big question. There are so many different options and a vast variety of packages to choose from, which make you perplexed. One of the popular confusion is related to hospital cover and extra cover. Often people are unaware of the difference and benefits that they can draw from these covers. You can visit this link to get a detailed insight into the hospital cover that is more commonly opted by people. Here we are attempting to through some light on the basics of hospital cover, extra cover, and their combination.

  • Meaning of combined insurance

Mostly you would think that your health insurance provides you cover for all your health-related issues and treatment. However, this is not true. You have to take hospital cover with extra cover in combination to ensure that your in-hospital procedure and general treatments like physiotherapy, dental, etc both are covered. This type of insurance plan is colloquially called combined insurance.

  • Difference between hospital cover and extra cover

There is a huge difference between the two types of insurance covers. Hospital cover assists you in the payment of treatments and accommodations in a hospital. On the other hand, an extra cover provides payment help for auxiliary health services which include dental and physio services. The choice that you make depends on your health conditions and preferences. Younger people often opt for both while older people with some chronic condition may need frequent hospitalization or surgery and prefer hospital cover.

  • Benefits of hospital cover

Hospital cover shares/makes your payments for treatments and stays in the hospital. This would include both private and public hospitals. You can be treated as a private patient either type of hospital. You can also choose your doctor for the treatment. These services and choices also depend on the type of cover you apply and how much you pay. Primarily hospital covers are of four types, basic, bronze, silver, and gold with basic being least expensive and gold being the most expensive. The benefits also vary based on the charged of the package.

  • Extra cover claims

Extra cover includes auxiliary services like optometry, dental, and physiotherapy. Based on what they include and exclude, extra covers are of three types.

  • Basic

It covers only some of the medical services which do not meet the specifications of medium and comprehensive covers.

  • Medium

These include general and major dental service, endodontic, orthodontic, optical, occupational therapy and travel vaccines in some cases.

  • Comprehensive

This type of extra cover includes almost everything that you would need including all the basic and medium cover elements. Additionally, it includes psychology, speech pathology, non-PBS prescribed medicines.

  • Packages

You can buy a pre-designed package from your insurer or can choose both hospital and extra cover plans separately. You should decide by carefully evaluating the benefits and expenses. You can also purchase both the covers from different insurers. You can mix and match these covers to get the maximum of your insurance policy.