Common Items a Pharmacy Carries

When you think of visiting a locally-owned pharmacy, you probably think about medication and supplies. But did you know that there’s more available than just these things? Here are a few common items a pharmacy carries.

Prescription Drugs

Of course, most pharmacies are known for dispensing prescription drugs. This requires a large amount of recordkeeping and staying current with various laws and restrictions. Pharmacists must stay knowledgeable about various types of medications and their interactions with each other to keep patients safe.

Non-Prescription Medication

Pharmacies are also a great place to purchase non-prescription medication Whether you prefer a certain brand of headache medicine or have a minor cough that needs syrup, a locally-owned pharmacy is the best place to purchase what you need.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Personal Care Items

In addition to medication, most small pharmacies also sell vitamins, minerals, and personal care items. This can range anywhere from your favorite chewable multivitamin to specialized herbs designed for improved overall health.

Your local pharmacist is also a great resource for asking about how these products interact with any prescription and non-prescription medications you already take. You can also find items like feminine supplies, medical wraps, and more.

Gifts, Snacks, and Other Items

One of the benefits of choosing a locally-owned pharmacy in Glasgow, KY is discovering a variety of gifts, snacks, and other items. Stop in for a cold drink and a piece of our delicious homemade fudge. Or prep for that special occasion with our balloon inflation service.

There are tons of reasons to visit your local Glasgow pharmacy that have nothing to do with prescription medication. At Ely Drugs & Medical Supply, we place a high emphasis on personalized service with a friendly smile. Contact us today.