Diseases That Can Be Prevented Through Vaccination

It is rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure.” Immunisation saves about 3 million lives every year! It is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Vaccination is a great way to build the body’s natural immunity to a disease before a person falls sick.

Importance of immunisation 

Right from birth, we are exposed to various viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. While most are not harmful, some are dangerous and cause serious health conditions. Our body’s immune system helps to protect against infections. So, when we are infected, the immune system triggers a series of responses to neutralise the microbes and limit the harmful effects. Exposure to the infectious disease gives protection (immunity), so we do not contract the disease again because our immune system remembers the microbe.

In fact, immunisation keeps the children from getting and spreading the disease. One of the best ways to protect your children is to ensure they get all shots at the right time, as suggested by your Bowral doctors. In short, vaccination reduces mortality, morbidity, and reduces direct and indirect medical costs. 

In most of the vaccines, a weakened form of the disease germ is injected into your body. The body identities the invading germs and naturally produces antibodies to fight them. Those antibodies stay in the body for a long period, and if you are exposed to that disease again, the body will help to fight the disease.

Ask your child’s doctor Bowral for an immunisation record form. Think about your child’s record as you would a birth certificate and keep it with your other essential documents.

Here is a list of vaccine-preventable diseases:- 


It is a highly contagious disease that involves the respiratory system, including the breathing tubes, and lungs. People are not immune will get if they are near an infected person. Measles can cause brain swelling, pneumonia, and death.

Whooping Cough 

Whooping cough, also called Perussis, is a respiratory infection that affects the lungs. It causes unstoppable coughing and can become a life-threatening disease for babies less than 1 year. It is an air-borne disease that can spread easily when a person with whooping cough breathes, coughs, and sneezes. The best protection against is getting DTAP shot, and GP Bowral recommends timely doses for children.


It was one of the most deadly and devastating diseases of the 20th century. It is a viral disease that affects the muscles. The virus lives in the intestines, and anyone can be infected by coming into contact with a sick person’s feces. Today, polio cases are down, thanks to immunisation.


It causes breathing problems, muscle spasms, paralysis, and death. As it is a bacterial infection, it is found in soil, dust, and manure.

Meningococcal disease 

It is a bacterial disease that causes meningitis, an infection and swelling of the brain and spinal cord.

Hepatitis B 

A chronic disease caused by the Hepatitis B virus. It can lead to liver cancer and other liver diseases that can be deadly.


It is caused by a virus that gives people swollen salivary glands, a fever, headache, and muscle aches.

Vaccines are always safe to prevent the spread of diseases and effective in the eradication of a certain health issue from society. Take your child to one of the best Bowral doctors and get the shots.