Essence forthe Source of Creation

There is no other place in the world which is safer than a mother’s womb.In fact, it is the very sacred sanctum sanctorium of creation. All life on earth starts with a mother. And every superior thing in the world is compared to a mother and is called a mother.

Mother tongue, mother earth, Mother Nature and what not almost all the source of creation starts from a mother. Everyone starts their journey into the world from her. Doesn’t the source of creation require a royal treatment? Yes, she does. A mother needs very special and good intakes. Proper nourishment is necessary and mandatory for healthy offspring and also strong mother. Pregnant women food is the basic start of every little life and it feeds two lives in one body. Hence this food must not be shown any prejudice.

The essence that shapes the essence of life

There are many pregnant women food available in markets but these are not promising enough. Some of them are even dangerous. Hence choosing proper food is important and an unavoidable part of the gestation period.

What foods are advisory for a healthy enceinte?


  • The first and best choice would be to go organic. Since a fruitful woman requires tons of nourishment and good care switching to organic will be a very good move. Also, organic foods are free from the chemicals and preservatives. Nowadays food retailers use cheap and harmful preservatives to keep their stock fresh for a long time. This causes a negative adverse effect on everything. It alters the very nature of natural foods. These foods are harmful to the foetus. Hencethese foods can be avoided in pregnant women food.
  • The next array of food choices will be fresh fruits. Fruits are always a prescription under healthy foods. And again choosing organic fruits are advisory. The evolving world has also evolved the food industry. There are numerous hybrid foods that lack good essence and the original nutrients it had. It is also studied that these hybrid foods cause changes in the somatic cells of the foetus. Hence choosing organic fruits is important.


  • Fibre-rich foods are a very good supplement choice in pregnant women food.Some common examples of fibre rich foods are wholegrain foods, wholemealcontaining bread, wild rice varieties, and wholegrain rich pasta and finally pulses like beans and lentils are fibre rich foods.The reason for the addition of these high fibre foods is because pregnant women have a higher risk of developing constipation during pregnancy. Hence eating plenty of fibre is effective in minimizing that risk. Studies showthat intake of plenty of fibre during pregnancy reduces the risk and the severity of haemorrhoids. This phenomenon has also become more common as the fetus grows.


  • Dairy intakes are a vital part of pregnant women food.  Since the women and foetus require lots of calcium and minerals it is a must and must be taken regularly. The foetus requires calcium fro initial healthy and strong bone growth. While the mother’s bone density reduces during pregnancy and women face higher risks of bone density problems. Hence everyday calcium supplement is a mandatory and vital part of the pregnant women food.


Even though the foods help in nourishing the source and the creation of proper exercise and regular body care is also another important part. So taking very keen care during this specific time is important.