Glo: Bringing Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Online To Fit Your Busy Schedule

It’s All Gone Digital; Why Shouldn’t Your Well-Being?

It’s no secret that basically everything has gone digital. As modern consumers, we are right to worry if certain things haven’t gone digital. Glo understands that and has revolutionized the way you can access wellness exercises such as meditation, yoga, Pilates and yoga conditioning through an advanced digital platform.

Let’s face it: we all know it’s just plain difficult to carve an hour or more (plus drive time) out of your day to take a class. We often end up pushing our wellness to the side to take care of things that seem to demand our attention right now. Whether it’s carpools, errands, work deadlines, or social commitments, our wellness often gets put on the back burner. Yoga, Pilates and meditation online all offer you a way to focus on wellness as it fits into your hectic schedule.

The Glo Community

Glo isn’t just a digital space for your well-being, but it is a community of people focused on wellness. The Glo community is comprised of people from all levels of experience. From beginners to the teachers at the highest level of experience, the community is designed to provide human connection in the digital space and create a place where people can come together to celebrate and commit to their wellness. People of all backgrounds, all ages, all professions, and all levels of experience come together through Glo to gain wellness from interaction and practice. According to Glo, what unites their digital community is very simple: “the search for a quiet place of personal progress in a world of distraction and noise.”

Glo Meditations

Meditation is all about training your mind and learning to be more in tune with focusing on your awareness. There are a wide variety of techniques that all fall under the umbrella of meditation online available from Glo. Examples include mindfulness, breath awareness, and mantra recitation, just to name a few. It’s been found that meditation can have a profound impact on your energy and focus when it is engaged in consistently. Below are just a few of the meditation exercises that are offered by Glo, all available to you in a completely digital space.

Below are just a few of the meditation online classes offered by Glo. All of these are offered on Glo’s website for free as an introduction to the type of wellness exercises offered by Glo:

Kindness Meditation

This is a visualization and breath practice meditation that will help you harness kindness within your own heart as well as send out powerful loving energy to all those around you. It is considered a Level 1 mediation online and only takes five minutes, making it the perfect meditation to do at any time you want to refresh your energy with kindness.

Transmute Negative Emotions

Many people tend to suppress negative emotions until they end up festering or being released all at once. This 15-minute meditation will allow you to not simply push down negative emotions, but it will teach you to transmute them into calm, peaceful action. It will help you learn how to release anger, stress and fear. It is a meditation online for Level 1-2.

Cultivating Self-Love Meditation

One of the biggest challenges many people face is to truly love themselves deeply. This meditation from Glo is created with a belief in the fact that true self-love requires a level of practice as well as patience with yourself. It will help you to breathe in appreciation for yourself. Best of all, it is just five minutes long, meaning that you can meditate on self-love at any time, all through Glo’s digital platform.