Got Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? Follow these 5 Tips for a Fast Recovery

Wisdom teeth removal procedure is carried out by dentists on millions of patients every year. Wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne has also become reasonable. Wisdom teeth, when impacted, will lead to pain in the mouth and this is when a dental professional will suggest you to have them removed. Once the wisdom teeth removal is done, your dentist will provide you instructions that must be followed for a speedy recovery. Here are some of the best ways with which you shall make the recovery process faster and less painful.

Preventing Dry Socket:

When the wisdom tooth extraction process is complete, your body will begin to heal by itself. This is done by formulating a blood clot to protect the tissue and bone beneath it. If this blood clot is exposed, it could expose the bone and cause severe pain. This condition is called dry socket. To prevent this situation, a gauze will be provided to you. Bite down on the gauze, and remember to soak a new gauze in water when replacing.

Ice the Cheek Area Near the Extraction Site on the First Day:

Placing an ice pack on the cheek area close to the extraction site will help reduce swelling and inflammation. Remember to wrap the ice in a cloth to prevent ice burns. Do not ice the area for more than 20 minutes in one go.

Keep Your Head Elevated:

For the first three days after wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne, keep your head elevated using pillows. This will reduce the blood volume near the wound, thereby leading to faster recovery. Keeping your head elevated above the feet level will also help reduce swelling.

Massage Your Masseter Muscle:

The Masseter is one of the muscles in the jaw that will help you to chew. When cheap wisdom teeth removal is carried out, your mouth will be kept open for a longer period of time. This could lead to pain and sore muscles as well. To speed up recovery, massage the Masseter muscle to release any tension in the jaw. Place your fingers on the area close to the opening of each ear. Slowly massage for a few minutes, and do it on a regular basis.

Consume Coconut Water Before Going for Soft Foods:

When it comes to diet, you will have to consume only soft foods that doesn’t require much chewing. Before going for soft foods, consuming coconut water will be helpful in keeping you hydrated during the recovery period. Coconut water is effective in replenishing the electrolytes level and keeping the blood sugar levels stable. Even better, cold coconut water will provide relief from inflammation.

Always listen to your dentist and follow their post-surgery instructions for a smooth recovery. Get their consent before you try to do anything during the recovery period, be it getting back to your routine activities or switching to your regular solid diet. Don’t forget to maintain your oral hygiene to keep away infection and discomfort. Contact the dentist for any queries about the wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne or for more information on the procedure.