Great Variations of Positive Results of CBD

Although the lower percentage is more beneficial, the active ingredient also decreases proportionately due to the greater dilution.Therefore, it is very suitable for children and pets.You can use a higher percentage if you want to use a lower dose (such as 1 instead of 2 drops at a time) or if you think it will reduce your symptoms better. In case of the Lovehemp CBD this is important.

You can also try paste that contains 20%. Mind you, the higher the% the higher the price.

CBD products can be divided globally into 3 groups:

CBD Universal; it contains all the natural ingredients of the hem plant and is therefore very versatile

Pure CBD

With this all the other ingredients are released, leaving the CBD alone. This is particularly true in situations where other cannabinoid effects are less important, such as mental disorders


This variant contains an increase in the amount of CBDa, known for its additional anti-inflammatory effects. This variant is perfect for inflammation and chronic control

Medical effects

The medical properties of CBD are recognized by more researchers and consumers. The CBD not only fights specific complaints, but also helps prevent them.

Because CBD is not listed as a drug, it must be considered a nutritional supplement.

The following characteristics and effects of CBD are mentioned in several studies:

  • has the ability to kill tumor cells
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • has analgesic properties
  • reduce symptoms of fatigue (chronic)
  • reduce nerves, muscles and joint pain (gout, rheumatism and so on)
  • reduce insomnia
  • reduce anxiety disorders
  • reduce migraine
  • reduced expression in Autism, ADD and ADHD
  • reduce depression
  • reduce nausea and vomiting
  • reduce asthma burden
  • reducing the number and severity of epilepsy seizures
  • psychososvermindert
  • reduce load spasms
  • delayed neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s and so on)

Overall, the following strengths are advised:

As a preventive supplement and with mild complaints: up to 5%

For average complaints: 5 to 10%

For heavy complaints: 10% and higher

Use of CBD Oil

CBD is basically for everyone, but pregnancy or breastfeeding is not recommended.This is because almost no research has been conducted into the effects and safety of this situation.Optimal results are achieved by combining CBD with a healthy lifestyle, such as good nutrition and adequate exercise.While there is no risk of overdose, it is advisable not to use more than the recommended amount.


How to use and administer CBD Oil

  • Always shake the bottle for use.
  • Then drop the oil under your tongue using a bottle pipette.
  • It is useful to do this in front of the mirror, as you can see how many drops were taken.
  • You can also dip it in one teaspoon and then place it under the tongue.
  • Keep the oil under the tongue for at least 1 or 2 minutes, so that the active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • The ideal dose varies per person and every situation, but a good starting point is to take 2 to 3 dots twice daily.
  • A 10ml bottle is better for 200 drops, so with 4 drops a day for almost 2 months.