Here Is What Your Nutritionist Wants You To Know About Carbs

Are you confused about carbs? One minute they are “good” and the other minute, they are “bad.” Should that be the case?  The increased emergence of various diets in recent years has seen carbohydrates demonized and given all sorts of bad names.  

But, what is the truth about carbs? Are they that bad? Well, the fact remains that carbs aren’t that bad as long as you consume them in the right amounts. They are tasty and also serve as the primary sources of fuel for your body.

There are two main types of carbohydrates, namely; complex carbs that are wholemeal based and simple carbs that are mostly found in sugar-based foods.  Complex carbs re healthy and will keep you going. Read on to find out everything that you need to know about carbohydrates.

It’s Not a Good Idea to Cut Them Out of Your Diet

Carbs play a critical role in your body, so cutting them out of your diet can have severe consequences. Carbs usually turn into glucose during digestion, which is needed to fuel your body cells.

When it comes to the brain, glucose is the most important source of energy that can’t be substituted. This means that the fewer carbs you consume, the more fatigued you’ll feel.

Therefore, before you request that waiter/waitress at your favorite breakfast Gatineau restaurant to get off the carbs portion from your plate, think twice. When you eliminate carbs from your diet, your body will be forced to start breaking down other fuels for energy, which can make you lose a lot of your muscle tissue.

Carbs Haven’t Caused Your Weight Problems

Today, every obese individual out there blames it on carbs. But, is it true that carbs are responsible for all the overweight issues in the modern world? No. Remember the fact that human beings have been eating carbohydrates for a very long time, and obesity was never an issue.

Therefore, the explosion in obesity in recent years can’t be blamed on carbs alone. It is a result of a combination of a wide range of unhealthy lifestyle choices, but it is human nature to look for an easy scapegoat whenever a problem arises.

They Contain Proteins, Too

What makes a good breakfast? Experts say that a healthy breakfast must include fruits/vegetables, proteins, and carbs. Whether you are preparing your breakfast at home or eating out in a breakfast DDO restaurant, it is critical to ensure that you have these three elements on your plate.

However, carbs aren’t just made up of carbohydrates. Most of us don’t know the fact that carbs are mostly plant foods which have a high level of carbohydrates and some proteins too.

For instance, sweet potatoes are labeled as carbohydrates because they contain a high level of carbs, but they do also offer a significant amount of proteins as well.

You Need Carbs for Your Exercise Regime

A good post-training regime meal should include a small number of simple carbs that can be digested quite fast. Simple sugars are usually digested quickly, which helps to bridge the gap until your next meal that should contain complex carbs such as whole grains.