Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Butt Uplifts

There are many kinds of butt lifting procedures provided today, out of them the most popular is the Brazilian butt lift. Butt lift techniques are also called as butt augmentations or gluteal augmentations. Apart from the butt lift, these procedures also improve the shape of the body overall. These procedures encompass eradication of excess skin, liposuction, tightening, transfer of fat, and/or butt implants.

Reasons why people prefer getting a butt lift

  1. to enhance the size of your buttocks
  2. to improve the shape of your buttocks
  3. as they age, they want their drooping butt to be more round and full
  4. to slim the waist and increase the buttock size aka Brazilian butt lift

Types of Butt Lifts

  1. Butt implants or augmentation

This procedure strictly involves a gel silicone or water filled device installed into each of the buttocks sides. It helps in creating a full and rounded appearance. The former is used more often, if in case of a rupture, it can cause a lumpy experience which can pose a risk of infection or damage to the organs. Water filled implants are largely in use today. In case of a rupture, it is not lethal but still a disadvantage. It can cause drooping, lack of symmetry and may require another operation.

  1. Brazilian butt lift

It is one of the alternative solutions to the implants. This procedure doesn’t involve installing any kind of object into your body. Rather than an object, your own body fat is used for butt enhancement. In other words, you are not facing any kind of risk of allergy or rejection from the body. Butt implants might leave a scar, but Brazilian butt lift is Clinique anti aging butt injections which leaves zero physical marks. It begins with the removal of fat from one part of your body so as to slimming down one area of your body and shaping your butt with the same fat. This procedure is usually invasive. In other words, patients have a shorter procedure and easier recovery.

You are considered a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift if:

  1. Your overall health is well maintained
  2. You have a stable weight
  3. You are over the age of 18
  4. You have some fat in appropriate places for liposuction purposes
  5. You have reasonable expectations for your results and recovery.