How Beneficial is Physiotherapy for Pregnant Woman

Physiotherapy is highly beneficial for many people. There is a common belief that physiotherapy is applicable only for those who had undergone a surgery. However, the truth is that Perth physiotherapy will be helpful for several patients, including pregnant women. Here are some of the ways physiotherapy is helpful for pregnant women:

Reduces Low Back Pain:

Several pregnant women experience lower back pain, and this could definitely degrade the quality of their night sleep. Physiotherapy will be immensely helpful in this situation. Pregnant women commonly experience pains, aches, and discomfort as the body adapts to the requirements of the growing baby. By incorporating Perth physiotherapy techniques, pregnant patients would be able to reduce back pain. Massaging will also be helpful in this situation.

Lessens Incontinence:

One of the stressful symptoms of pregnancy is incontinence. Due to alterations in the pelvic floor muscles, pregnant women would experience uncontrollable urination at times. Physiotherapy will help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, thus helping to reduce the phenomenon of incontinence. The American Physical Therapy Association states that implementing physiotherapy to reduce incontinency is very helpful as it has a success rate of over 80%.

Reduces Edema:

Edema refers to the swelling of joints, which is another common pregnancy symptom. This occurs due to the slowdown in blood circulation along with an increase in blood volume. Proper physiotherapy techniques will better the circulation process and reduces swelling of joints.

Eases Delivery:

Women usually become less active during pregnancy, and this is commonly because of back pain or fatigue. However, doctors always suggest that expectant mothers will have to be physically active to a certain extent. Through proper strength and flexibility exercises or enhancements as adopted by a certified physio in Perth, it is possible to increase the chances of women experiencing an easier childbirth.

Relief from Headaches:

Expectant mothers would also experience frequent headaches. This is mostly because of the increase in blood volume, hormonal changes, and stress as well. Proper massage techniques on the head, neck, and shoulders will reduce the stress and tension in muscles, thereby reducing discomfort and headaches.

Better Mental Health:

Besides the physical stress and discomfort, pregnant women could also experience stress and anxiety due to several reasons throughout the pregnancy period. This could also be caused due to hormonal fluctuations. Proper physiotherapy in Perth will help in reducing stress symptoms and improving mental health.

From the aforementioned points, it is evident that physiotherapy helps pregnant women in reducing various factors of physical and mental stress. While massages could be performed at any time during the pregnancy period, seeking doctor’s advice is suggested. Medical professionals also recommend avoiding physiotherapy during the first trimester, as the chances of miscarriage is usually high during this period. Hence always check with your doctor before opting for physiotherapy during pregnancy.