How Can You Learn From the Nordic Diet?

The New Nordic Diet is a healthy way of eating that was created by doctors in five Nordic countries. It promoted healthy, local, and natural eating.

When you hear the word diet, you often think about a quick fix for your health problems. This dieting often leads to what’s called yo-yo weight loss and comes in the form of weird rules and day counts. In reality, a diet is something that makes you healthier and should be as a healthy lifestyle rather than a quick attempt at losing weight. Though you should always talk to your doctor before changing your diet, there is something that can be learned from the Nordic people.

The Nordic Diet, otherwise called the New Nordic Diet, is a set of new guidelines that the Nordic people have come up with to live healthier. It was created by a panel of food professionals from five Nordic countries. It’s designed to emphasize seasonality, sustainability, minimal waste, and no food additives.

What Do the Nordic People Eat?

The NND promotes having a diet that is at least 80% of local food. Due to this, it’s essential for the Nordic people to eat things that can be easily caught or grown. By doing this, they cannot only promote a healthier lifestyle, but they can also help the planet by reducing the carbon emissions needed to get food to them.

An Overview of the Nordic Diet:

Reduce consumed dairy and only use low-fat options

Eat wild caught oily fish

Hunt and eat wild game

Eat vegetables and fruit that is local to the Nordic region

Make sure to emphasize dark greens in your diet

When eating grains, eat whole grains, including rye, barley, and oats

Stick to at least 80% of local food

Eat organic as often as possible

Cook food at lower temperatures to retain more nutrients

Is It Evidence-Based?

Researchers have looked into this diet to see if it has a positive impact on cholesterol and blood pressure. In most case studies, researchers were able to see improved health for the patients. Throughout the studies, participants noted improved lipids, reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure and steady weight loss.

Further studies proved that the NND could improve insulin sensitivity on top of the already shown improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. Researchers were happy to notes that there was no calorie counting or different food requirements needed to promote these life changes.

How Can We Use It?

Unless you live in a Nordic country, you won’t be able to follow this exact diet. However, you can use the principles of it to make your healthy eating plan. Here are ten rules that may help.

Eat more fresh and organic fruits and vegetables from local sources

Cook homemade meals from scratch as often as possible

Eat whole grains like oats, rye, and barley

Eat regional wild game or oily fish

Shop at least 80% local

Use organically grown food as much as possible

Plean meals seasonally for the most local and healthy options

Reduce your packaged and processed foods

Cook at lower temperatures and avoid frying

Reduce the dairy that you eat and ensure it’s low-fat

You won’t be able to eat the exact meals that someone living in a Nordic country would. However, these healthy tips will allow you to be the healthiest person you can be. Remember, you should always talk to a doctor before making a lifestyle change. Also, remember that evolution does not happen overnight.