How Gummy Candy Grow Your Muscle

The period immediately after training is made for high-glycemic carbohydrates. These are carbohydrates that your body can absorb quickly. We dispel the myth that carbohydrates only make you fat. Here you can find out how you can positively use fast carbohydrates to build Muscle and even support regeneration.

Full Glycogen Storage – Maximum Performance

The glycogen stores are depleted after intensive training sessions. The energy reserves of your muscles are almost empty. High glycemic carbohydrates help replenish glycogen stores. How so? Because glucose can be quickly absorbed by the body and quickly fills the void.

Why Gummy Bears Instead of Bananas?

Glucose – the sugar in gummy bears or grape sugar – fills glycogen stores faster than Fructose. Pure glucose has the advantage that the body does not have to digest it for a long time. This means that it is directly available as energy for your muscles and quickly replenishes the glycogen stores. This is the reason why you should buy gummy candy in bulk.

On the other hand, Fructose, which is 50% contained in fruits and honey, is partially digested through the intestine and is released into the blood more slowly than glucose. Because of this, the body takes longer to store muscle glycogen again.

Those Who Train Intensely Need More Carbohydrates

Especially after very intensive training units or workouts that involve a high training volume (90-120 min), it is advisable to replenish the glycogen stores after exercise completely. Here you can get an idea of ​​your consumption of muscle glycogen during a training session in the gym: Volume: 6-20 work sets, 15-30 minutes training duration = 30-40% loss of muscle glycogen Volume: 18-24 work sets, 60-90 minutes Training duration = 60-75% loss of muscle glycogen.

Fast Carbohydrates For Fast Muscles

If your glycogen stores are fully recharged after training thanks to fast carbohydrates, the freshly “charged” glycogen draws water into the muscles. This makes them more voluminous, strengthens the muscle fibers, and actively initiates regeneration after a hard training session.

The full glycogen stores increase the volume of your muscle cells noticeably. Studies show that the long-lasting enlargement of individual muscle cells plays a vital role in muscle building and stimulates muscle growth. * And now it comes: a hand of gummy bears, glucose, or rice cakes are ideal for replenishing your glycogen stores.

By the way: When you train the next day again, the fully charged glycogen stores benefit you twice: the pump effect kicks in!


Fast Carbohydrates Make You Happy.

After high-intensity training, fast carbohydrates immediately after training increase your energy level instantly and suppress the uncomfortable, burned-out feeling. You feel fitter and better. Another advantage: You prevent the cravings that often occur later.

But: Don’t just grab candy after your workout. Anything that comes with a lot of fat doesn’t make sense at this moment. Instead, rely on largely isolated carbohydrates from gummy bears, rice cakes, glucose, maltodextrin, or waxy corn starch. This is the only way to support your muscle-building optimally.