How JGH Barrister Helps Create a Healthier Environment

James Gardner-Hopkins may look like an ordinary stylish and smartly dressed man, but he is also a respected lawyer. In fact, he is an environmental lawyer that helps preserve nature. With this kind of advocacy, you can certainly expect him to fight for a healthier environment. To give you a clearer and wider view of his legal work, here are some interesting facts about his practice:

JGH Barrister Practice in a Nutshell

James Gardner-Hopkins has been in the legal field for years now. Starting his career in 1999, he worked on his summer clerkship at Russel McVeagh, one of New Zealand’s most esteemed firms. Determined to continue on this path, he returned to the firm as a casual clerk and slowly worked his way into his status today. In Russel McVeagh, he had the chance to work in a full-time position after his graduation from the University of Auckland, as a Senior Solicitor, as a Senior Associate and finally, a Partner until his departure.

Since 2016, he has been working independently and is continuing his practice with his own firm, JGH Barrister.

His Environmental Practice

With a passion for the environment, James has his eyes trained on various related works including forestry, mining, resource management and consent, as well as other similar issues.

Perhaps one of his most notable works involves the wrecked MV Rena on Otaiti/ Astrolabe Reef. In fact, this case covers two of his primary practices: environmental law and cultural work. James worked as legal counsel for the removal of any harmful substances from the vessel, allowing for a safer and more efficient issue addressing.

Some of his other environment-related practice includes the Te Ohu Kaimoana/ The Maori Fisheries Trust and NZ King Salmon cases.

Other Remarkable Endeavours

James is not only an environmental lawyer but also advocates for cultural matters. Perhaps this is because of his Pacific Islander roots. With this kind of drive and background, it is no surprise that he was given a position as the first Pacific Islander to lead Russel McVeagh’s national Environment, Planning, and Natural Resources Team. He worked towards helping the Maori Legal Group with cultural matters related to the law.

Aside from these, he worked for animal welfare as a pro bono legal advisor for Helping You Help Animals (HUHA). He also wrote a wide variety of materials including textbooks on Resource consent and management, as well as journal articles pertaining to his expertise.

In continuing his practice, he is currently the executive of the National Committee of the Resource Management Law Association, as well as a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

With such a diverse portfolio on environment work, James certainly is helping keep the environment healthier and safer. In addition to his legal practice, dapper young man gained recognition for being one of the Best Dressed Wellington Residents in 2013. Indeed, there is much to expect from James and he truly delivers even beyond expectations.