How to Buy a Fake Pee Product Tips and How to Conceal It

Do you have a committed dedication to your goals? Can you focus on the task while keeping calm even during stressful situations? Sneaking fake urine into a drug testing site is not for people with no confidence and the faint of heart. But with the right methods and skills, you can achieve the things that you want in your life.

To fill up the specimen cup properly with artificial pee, you have to consider some factors and carry out a well-thought plan. You only have one chance at passing a pee test. You need to make sure that you can make it count. If you are planning to buy synthetic urine, here are some tips on how to use and conceal it during drug testing.

A guide on how to hide a synthetic pee for a drug screening

Before you treat your urine drug screen like it is a military operation, you have to know that you need to consider some things:

Bottle size

The bottle you take with you, needs to be able to carry at least the minimum amount of urine, but needs to be small, so that the drug testing site will not notice that you are carrying a urine bottle. You also need to empty the container with minimal to no noticeable movements and with no delay. The standard urine container has a capacity of three ounces. You can use a bottle that has a two ounce capacity, small enough to hide inside your pants and big enough to carry enough urine for drug testing.

Urine kit weight

The kit needs to be lightweight and also comfortable. If your test kit is too heavy, it can fall from where you are hiding it; it can pose a problem if the clinic or laboratory technician is overseeing your every movement. A heavy testing kit can also hinder you from moving freely, making it challenging to fill your urine specimen cup, and eventually increase the risk of spilling.

Warm the sample

The best way to warm your specimen is to use a heating pad, which the testing kit provides. These pads are easy to use and can last for more or less eight hours, enough time to increase the temperature beforehand. But heating pads can produce an uncomfortable feeling against your skin, so you need to bear with it. If you have an issue with the heating pad, you can always switch with hand warmers, which is also as effective as the heating pad.

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What clothes to wear?

The best way to hide the container is by wearing loose and baggy clothing. You can also use sock stashes with long pants, but make sure that the bottle is small enough to fit in the sock stash. If you have a pee kit, your clothes should hide it with ease. Make sure that your clothes have pockets or zippers to allow easy access to your sample. If your clothes are too fit, small or tight, even the smallest containers or kits will give an unnatural bulgy appearance.


One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to this topic, is “will the laboratory technicians watch you while you fill the cup. If the laboratory or clinic supervisor is watching you, you can sneakily take out the container and fill your cup without them noticing. A technician might watch your every move to make sure that you do not provide a questionable sample, which can result in minor problems.

Foolproof ways to sneak the fake pee in the laboratory or clinic

One of the items you can use to sneak in your urine container is a Monkey Dong urine belt. It is a suitable solution for men who want to use a fake urine sample to beat the urine drug testing. The kit includes a synthetic urinating device that delivers the fake liquid. Because it is almost or close to a real one, it is best used for supervised drug testing.

You can even choose what color that matches your skin in case the supervisor feels like they need to look up close and make sure that you are not doing something fishy. If you are not sure if there will be someone watching you during the process and you are willing to go an extra mile, the prosthetic urinating device can help you increase your chances in passing the test significantly. The device comes with a free heating pad. It is one of the most strategic answers to this problem that is available to men.

Leg strap

If you don’t have enough money to buy a Monkey Dong device, you can use a leg strap that is both viable as well as a cost-effective way to smuggle your sample. You can strap it around your thigh, and it features a small pocket for carrying the container.

To eliminate the risk of losing the sample, it is best if you use a Velcro strap wraps that can be secured around the leg. If the laboratory technician pats you down, the leg strap may be discovered if the container is on the outside of your thigh, so you need to make sure that you placed it well hidden near your crotch. This method will work well for unsupervised drug testing.

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Putting the synthetic urine solution inside your underwear can also be a practical way to smuggle the sample since the testers are usually not going to pat you down around your underwear. To make sure that the bottle will not get noticed, you need to wear loose and baggy pants.

A lot of success stories you can find on the Internet involve people who smuggled their pee container inside their underwear and successfully got away with it. It may be a simple one, but it is considered as one of the most effective methods.

Smuggling a container full of synthetic pee to pass a drug testing can be both very satisfying (if successful) and dangerous. You can fail on the spot and get blacklisted in companies that you applied in and subjected you to a drug testing if you are caught cheating. That is why it is essential to make sure that everything is well planned to avoid any problems while you are walking inside the testing site, carrying a fake pee.