At least twice a year you should see your dentist and dental hygienist for a regular check-up. Getting a regular check-up not only keeps your oral health in great condition and maintains your smile. It is a lesser-known fact that seeing your dentist regularly can help save your life. Book your appointment with the Dentist in Caledon. Here is how regular checkups can save your life.

  1. Highly skilled dental hygienists and dentists can identify things that are out of the ordinary, including signs of oral cancer.
  2. Sleep apnea is a contributing factor to stroke, heart diseases and accidents due to fatigue. Your dentist can prescribe some dental appliances to you which can hold the airway open and stop or reduce the number of breathing episodes.
  3. If your dental office makes the effort of doing a complete oral exam and a series of x-ray of the full mouth, then they can find the areas of major concern before they start showing their symptoms. Dental abscesses, cysts and tumours can all be identified before they start to cause any pain or discomfort.
  4. Dental Hygienists don’t only clean plaque and tartar from your teeth, but they reduce the level of bacteria in the mouth. If the bacteria is present in high amounts then it can cause inflammation, sickness and overall poor health.
  5. It is a lesser-known fact that gum diseases are a risk factor for many autoimmune diseases like cardiovascular disease.
  6. After having undergone joint replacement surgery or some heart surgery, the new part is at a high risk of infection or rejection. A good and alert dental team will ensure that proper preventive measures are taken before they do anything with your mouth.
  7. Nowadays many dental offices and clinics offer to check the blood pressure as a part of their routine checkup. Unusually high or low blood pressure can send you to your medical doctor immediately
  8. A sports guard which is professionally made does more than just protecting your teeth. This customized guard can also help to prevent brain injury. In the event of a blow to the mouth, the sports guard provides support which helps to reduce the impact. 
  9. Trained in pharmacology, both dentists and dental hygienists carefully go through the list of medications that you provide them. Their attentiveness towards the list of medications can help to prevent fatal drug interactions and even overdoses. They also help to monitor any oral changes that could be potentially caused by the medications that you are taking. 
  10. People who suffer from diabetes are at a high risk of periodontal or gum diseases. During the checkup if there are any warning signs that the blood sugar is not under control or if the inflammation is out of control then your dentist or dental hygienist will report your condition to your medical doctor.