Information That Can Help You Decide on Alcohol or Drug Rehab

If you haven’t already heard it on the news, the United States currently has a large drug abuse problem with more people becoming addicted every day. Those who live in California or San Diego area are not safe from this problem. This is where Real Hope Recovery can help.


Addiction happens to many people no matter age, gender, ethnicity or location. Many people don’t seek help until they have reached the bottom with attacks on their finances, personal relationships and health.

Need help

If you are searching for help for drug or alcohol problems, you probably have many questions. On the internet is a growing library of articles covering an assortment of topics that are rehab-related, from detox to cost and location, to intervention. This will offer you as much information as possible in order that anyone can make informed decisions about what rehab centre you or a loved one will be comfortable with.

Inpatient rehabs

Inpatient drug rehabs centres come in every size, length of time and cost. Common inpatient rehab is normally a program of 30-days that is usually followed by services such as recover groups for support or outpatient treatment.

Consist of

Inpatient treatment can consist of:

  • Individual as well as group counselling sessions;
  • Medication;
  • Yoga;
  • Activities outdoors;
  • Exercise;
  • Religious studies;

Different addictions have an assortment of side effects, but there are general indications of drug and alcohol abuse. If a person is abusing substances, they may show some if not all these symptoms:

  • Problems in relationships in family, friends or co-workers;
  • Stealing to fund drug use;
  • Engaging in risky behaviour, such as dirty needles, or unsafe sex;
  • While on alcohol or drugs driving;
  • Ignoring responsibility and task at home, work or school

If this sounds like you – perhaps you need help.