Instant Knockout Review

Some of my clients have come to me recently to ask about Instant Knockout. This is a professional-quality fat burner made in the UK and distributed worldwide. It is sold as a serious supplement for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and MMA fighters who need to make weight for a contest without sacrificing performance or muscle mass.

According to the manufacturer – Roar Ambition – Instant Knockout is designed specifically to speed up fat loss, preserve muscle mass, and boost performance in the gym during a serious cut.

There are certainly lots of Instant Knockout reviews out there claiming that this is the fat burner to end all fat burners. There are lots of positive reviews from professional supplement sites, and hundreds (probably thousands) of user testimonials on the major forums.

So just how good is this fat burner?

Do I recommend Instant Knockout to my clients?

Let’s talk about the formula, the side effects, and the price tag to find out whether or not this supplement deserves its reputation as a truly exceptional fat burner.

Instant Knockout Formula

The Instant Knockout formula is nothing short of excellent. Let’s take a look:

Vitamin B6 – 5mg

Vitamin B12 – 10mcg

Zinc – 10mg

GTF Chromium – 100mcg

Green Tea Extract – 500mg

Green Coffee Extract – 100mg

Cayenne Powder – 100mg

Glucomannan – 500mg

Caffeine Anhydrous – 350mg

Black Pepper Extract – 10mg

That is a seriously powerful formula.

It ticks every box as far as I’m concerned.

The B vitamins and caffeine together take care of energy levels.

When you’re dieting, your energy levels are going to be seriously low all day long. That means poor performance in work, at home, and in the gym. But when you’re cutting you need your training to be absolutely on-point; you can’t afford to be fudging workouts in the run-up to a show or meet! Caffeine, B6 and B12 will help keep your energy levels high throughout the day, allowing your to work and train how you need to in order to win!

The Glucomannan takes care of appetite and over-eating.

Glucomannan expands in the stomach, forming a thick paste. This feels dense, and tricks your stomach into thinking it has eaten more calorie-dense food than it actually has. This in turn makes eating smaller meals much easier.

Glucomannan is easily one of the most interesting ingredients in Instant Knockout. It’s no surprise that so many Instant Knockout reviews focus on this amazing appetite suppressor so much; a prime example being the one published on LIVE Magazine.

Finally, the green tea takes care of boosting fat loss.

Green tea has been shown in clinical trials to significantly increase the rate of fat loss (source). Amazingly, this study actually found green tea to have a significant effect on fat loss at rest. By using a concentrated green tea leaf extract, Instant Knockout is able to harness the power of kilos of green tea in just 500mg of refined powder.

Side Effects – Is Instant Knockout Safe?

The main reason why I’m comfortable recommending Instant Knockout to my clients is that it is extremely safe compared to a lot of other fat burners on the market today.

Instant Knockout uses natural ingredients that have been tested rigorously in clinical conditions. They have all been deemed safe for human consumption at these daily doses.

More importantly for many of my clients, Instant Knockout doesn’t contain any banned substances, dangerous stimulants, or crazy weight loss drugs.


In Conclusion – Is Instant Knockout Any Good?

This was short but sweet, but that’s all I needed.

Instant Knockout is a top quality fat burner, suitable for any serious athlete who needs to drop weight in time for a content or meet.

I wouldn’t recommend it for your average gym rat.

This supplement is used by professional MMA fighters because it delivers real results. It’s not a toy. It is not necessary if you have significant amounts of body fat, or if you aren’t a serious athlete. If you’re just a hobbyist or amateur, all you need is diet and exercise!