Know Optimal CBD Dosage

So, if you have decided to be a part of the growing popularity of people using cannabidiol aka CBD for their problems like anxiety, arthritis, pain, insomnia, depression, heart and menopause symptoms, then it is certainly the best decision of your life. But the hard decision is what dose should you take and in what form: edible, vaporizers or tinctures. 

It is obvious to get overwhelmed by the wide range of CBD products. Every method offers CBD to your body in a completely different manner. Hence you should know what CBD oil compound you are using and how often should you use it. Also remember one thing, there is no one size fit all strategy here. It responds to different people in a different way. Here is a guide to help you draft your CBD plan as per your individual goal.

Know your goals

With over65 targets all over your body, CBD has a whole lot of therapeutic properties. Hence, it is important to focus on one or two of the properties to find the right product and dosage in a better way. Question yourself how do you want CBD to work for you? Do you need emotional assistance? Do you have pain? You could track your progress from the first day of its usage.

Where should the CBD reach?

In order to make this molecule effective, it should reach out where it is required. For effective health goals, find out the location you wish to target the CBD oil to. If is located anywhere close to your skin, then you should opt for a localized product such as suppository. It offers the maximum concentration of CBD right where you need it.

Know your time frame

The time period for CBD to work in a body depends on how you ingest it and the pace at which your body eliminates it. Some methods offer a fast peak of CBD and others render a slow aid. For those who need a quick and short term relief, then should for inhaled products such as a vaporizer. But, if you need a steady CBD level all through the day, then oral consumption is ideal.

Know your dose

The efficacy of CBD differs from one person to another and is affected by several factors. It is suggested that you start with a low dose to ensure that you don’t react widely to any ingredient. Use one or two drops of oral CBD oil or a small puff of a vape. 

Give it some time to peak and leave your system. Then continue with a slightly higher dose. If you have gone for an oral formula, then wait for 6 hours. If you have used a vaporizer, then wait for at least one hour.

Though CBD is safe to use but, it may lower your blood pressure and interfere with your body’s capability to react to specific drugs. Hence, it is important to start with low dosage first. You should use BoydsCBD as they offer the best CBD oil in different forms and recommend dosage according to your situation and problem.