Myths and facts related to oiling your hair

Owning a generous amount of fatty acids from Almond oil becomes simple from cosmetic products. But have you ever find the reasons behind the myths about oiling the hair? If you fail to find, here this article is the best source for you to get the answers for the continuous myths regarding oiling. While hair massage with almond oil it provides numerous health benefits, but it is a myth. Even continuous oiling will lead to damages the hair. Get ahead to busts the myths about oiling and your hair by reading this article. 

Myth 1: Regular oiling reduces hair fall

Fact: it is a false statement; there is no scientific record to prove this statement. Understand the effects behind the statement, regular oiling on hair will block the respiratory system of hair, blocks the oxygen to hair and leads to hair fall. Apply the oil before shampooing and rinse it wisely to remove the oil from hair instead of allowing it to be greasy or oily. Condition your hair with natural Badam oil for hair to obtain the essential nutrition for hair.

Myth 2: oil don’t move from your hair if it greasy

Fact: It is considerably true but medically it is a false statement.  Few specified nutrient oil can penetrate the hair cuticles and make it healthier. Some will say oiling your hair will promote the shine and luster, but it better to hear and avoid performing. After shampooing the used products only sit on the layer of the hair and make it greasy. If you need to make your hair free from greasy you have to wash it properly twice until the oil and products seated on hair.

Myth 3: Suds up and wash your hair every other day 

Fact: You may hear regular washing and conditioning the hair will make it stronger and free from the hair problems. But it is a false statement, regular hair washing leads to suspend the nutrients on scalp and hair then cause hair loss. Even the statement suds up every day are heard by you, but it does not fare to perform. When you suds up regularly, it paves the path for your hair to get shorten and weaken. Skip washing until you feel like greasy on hair. Trim the ends of the hair until you find the slimming end.

Myth 4: regular oiling is necessary for dandruff 

Fact: you may get familiar with the statement regarding regular oiling on hair is essential to treat the dandruff problems. But it is a false statement, even regular oiling will lead to dandruff problem. Dandruff indicates the scalp infections when the oil and the dryness are out of balance. Applying a few drops of almond oil for hair is suitable to avoid greasier on hair. Don’t go severe shampooing your hair and save your hair from hair fall.

To conclude

From the aforementioned myths and facts, you may get a clear idea about the regular oiling your hair. Keep those points in mind while applying oil and washing your hair. Then you can realize the complete reversal of hair problems.