Passing a Saliva Drug Test: The Step-By-Step

Saliva tests are recommended in cases where there is a need to detect the presence of particular drugs in the body. This could be for the purposes of recommending a person as fit in the sports industry or in response to a request by a given company for its employees. This is because saliva holds the ability to hold back some traces of drugs for up to thirty-six hours. If performed within thirty-six hours of drug use, mouth swab tests will pick the traces and the results will come out positive.

Advantages of saliva drug test

There are many other ways that can be used to detect the presence of drug traces in the body system but there are reasons why a saliva test may be preferred.

  • Easy. Saliva tests are easy to do and have minimal procedures. All that is required from you is to collect a swab of your saliva and it is simply obtained from anywhere in your mouth.
  • Comfortable. It does not involve a lot of privacy as compared to other means like urine and blood tests. This test can be performed literally anywhere as it is the most non-intrusive form of tests available.
  • Fast results. A saliva test is reliable in producing accurate results within ten minutes of having samples. It is especially useful in cases where the results are needed urgently.

A step-by-step approach to passing a saliva drug test

Note that saliva drug tests will turn positive if done within thirty-six hours of drug use. As such, time is the biggest consideration when preparing for this test.

  • Avoid ingesting any drugs or controlled substances 36 hours before the test. Saliva tests are effective in detecting drugs ingested within thirty-six hours beyond which the results will come out clean.
  • Clean your mouth thoroughly. This does not necessarily mean brushing; use cotton wool to wipe the inside of your mouth and under your tongue to minimize the presence of drug traces.
  • Drink lots of water. Water, on top of washing away any traces of drugs in your mouth, it will generate the production of new saliva. You can also chew mint gum to produce more new saliva.
  • Brush thoroughly. Brush your teeth and mouth thoroughly plus the inside of your cheeks, your gums, and your tongue. Do this at least two times per day for up to five minutes to eliminate any build up of drug traces in your mouth.
  • Citrus candies. Saliva tests have been proved to fail in cases where the acid levels in the mouth are high. Suck on several citrus candies prior to your test and you are sure to pass.
  • Use breath mints. Chewing on breath mints and gums prior to the test will change your oral fluids. Do this as near as possible to the time of your test.
  • Water and mouth-wash. You can use water to gaggle away any drug traces in your mouth. Alternatively, using non-alcoholic mouth-washes will remove any molecules as present in your mouth as a result of drug use.


Most professions will not accept individuals who use drugs and controlled substances owing to productivity issues. As you plan on stopping the usage of drugs, you can use the above remedies to pass the saliva test first as you work on stopping or minimizing the use. These will give you up to 85% chance of passing the test.