Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Roll-Ons: Everything You Need to Know

So, you’re looking at your favorite essential oil website, and you’re trying to choose what kind of essential oil to purchase. But you’re confused about the options – pre-diluted roll-on, undiluted oil, or blend.

Today’s article will help you narrow down your list to roll-ons. Because this kind of essential oil is secretly fantastic, especially for beginners and kids!

1. Perfect for Beginners

Pre-diluted essential oil roll-ons are the ideal gift for your best friends or loved ones who hasn’t even tried essential oils from the past. Giving them this kind of essential oil is allowing them to enjoy the fantastic gift of nature that brings several health benefits.

A handy pre-diluted essential oil roll-on like peppermint, lavender, and frankincense is the perfect catch for your best friend. You can find them here at kunzea & pure essential oil online.

2. It Doesn’t Need Carrier Oil

If you’re eager to try any essential oil but in doubt because you don’t have a 32 oz. jug of carrier oil in your home, then a pre-diluted essential oil roll-on is the answer. Not only it is cheaper, but this item is handy. You can bring it anywhere, and you can use it anytime you want.

Moreover, many essential oil stores don’t need a minimum number of purchases to qualify you from free shipping. Meaning, you can buy one roll-on while costing you cheaper bucks.

3. Handy Dandy!

Pre-diluted essential oil roll-on can be taken anywhere and anytime you like. Like what was mentioned earlier, you don’t need to bring a carrier oil with you to use this product, bring the roll-on on your bag and you’re good to go.

It is handy when you suddenly feel dizzy, or you need a boost of energy. Simply roll it on your head near your ear, and you’ll feel fine the whole day. Moreover, using this product won’t give you any spilled or unwanted essential oil spilling from the bottle, just a handy dandy roll-on for you!

4. Kids Can Use Them Freely

If you’re child practice being independent, then pre-diluted essential roll-ons are the perfect method to teach your kid about responsibility when it comes to their health. Moreover, essential oil can bring several excellent benefits to your child’s health.

If your kids become dizzy while on school, they can use a lavender roll-on to improve their state. If they have a cough or colds, they can simply roll the essential oil on their chest and neck to maximize the effect of this powerful gift of nature.

Also, there is an essential oil that can relieve sudden stomach problems; bergamot roll-on is the perfect oil for your kids. Also, if they feel itchy, and they are prone to skin irritation, they can use a tea tree essential oil to relieve the symptoms.

5. Dilution Knowledge is Not Necessary

Dilution is a bit complicated, especially for beginners. There are particular measurements in every size of the diffuser or container. It’s a bit trickier compared to pre-diluted. Undiluted essential oil needs the correct amount of carrier oil, water, and quantity of the oil. Once the dilution measurement doesn’t match with these three necessities, you might ruin the benefits from this oil, and it can give a strong aroma that isn’t appropriate for everyday use.