Simple Chiropractic Exercises to help you Seek Relief from Neck Pain

When students get back to their studying routine, they might find that increased time spent reading and doing computer work along with increased stress levels would cause neck pain.

Neck pain has been a relatively common issue with several possible causes. Some of the causes would be inclusive of the following:

  • Poor posture
  • Arthritis
  • Hunching over a computer
  • Whiplash
  • Muscle strain
  • Reading in bed
  • Grinding your teeth

All of these aspects could trigger neck pain. When the neck muscles would become tired and strained, the pain would become the initial symptom. However, several things could be done to help you. Chiropractic for neck pain would provide you with various kinds of techniques.

These self-therapy techniques would help you seek adequate relief from neck pain.


There have been a few muscles that would be commonly associated with pain in the neck and upper back. Find below some stretches that you could do throughout the entire day to help alleviate neck pain.


  • Stretching your neck left and right


While standing or sitting in a relaxed posture you should keep the shoulders down and bring your left ear to your left shoulder. You would feel the right side of your neck experiencing the stretch. You should repeat the stretch on the other side along with holding it for ten seconds. You should repeat the process for at least three times per side.


  • Tilting your head to the front  


While standing and sitting with a relaxed posture, you would be required to keep the shoulders down while tilting your head as far forward as you can. Henceforth, you should align the right eye with the outside of your left knee. You should use your left hand on your head in order to stretch your head more. You would feel the stretch on the right side of the upper back. The stretch should be repeated on the other side and hold it for ten seconds. It should be done at least thrice.


Simple exercises could be helpful for your neck pain relief needs. A good example would be chin tucks. A chin tuck would work to strengthen the deep neck muscles. The exercises would be performed while laying down or standing. While standing, you should ensure you stand with a neutral posture and actively pull your chin back. It would be done to create a double chin.

While lying down, you should gently press the back of your head into the pillow and create a double chin. The variations should be done for ten seconds and repeated thrice.

An important aspect to consider would be to keep moving. You should not sit or stand in one position for a significant length of time.