Smart Deals for the Best Use of Supplements

The question of whether it is worth or should eat dietary supplements is very difficult. What is known for sure is that every fourth Pole uses supplements, and record holders use even a dozen different at the same time. Dietary supplements are a market worth a lot of money, which producers willingly reach into our pockets, often using not very ethical marketing tricks and promising eternal health, beauty and happiness thanks to only one pill of the right agent. 

Supplements certainly should not be rejected in advance, because for some groups they are an important element of the diet allowing you to enjoy adequate health. Do not pack supplements in one bagbecause they differ essentially in composition and potential functions. However, they should be approached with great caution, definitely greater than currently used by consumers. With the use of the iHerb deutschland you can have the best deal now.

What is this?

This definition provides that medicinal products may not be sold as a dietary supplementas these should be registered as medicines, controlled by pharmaceutical supervision and sold mainly in pharmacies.

Where money is at odds with ethics

By definition, supplements are very positive productsif for some reason we have a problem with meeting the nutritional needs with the help of the currently used dietwe can use the supplement and provide these missing ingredients. In practice, however, the concept of the supplement is heavily abused by manufacturers, including pharmaceutical companies, for whom the supplement is a way to market the product without having to meet a number of quality requirements for drugs. So we can, in addition to the usual vitamin or vitamin-mineral preparations, find supplements for almost anythingfrom hair growth, through potency, to eternal health, beauty and happiness. However, you should be aware that supplements do not have to have such an effectunlike drugs, they are not subject to any clinical teststhe manufacturer does not have to prove or have a positive effect on health or determine the potential side effects of using the supplement. Therefore, in the package with the supplement you will not find a leaflet as in the medicine, only brief information about use. The use of the codigo descuento iHerb España happens to be essential now.

The Current Claims

Currently, nutrition claims (i.e. declarations that producers can make regarding the operation of a given food) are required to comply with strict EU guidelines. This means that a group of experts has assessed which of the food ingredients can perform specific physiological functionsand this is what the manufacturer can write out if a given ingredient is included in the supplement. It should be emphasized, however, that among all potentially bioactive substances that can be found in supplements, vitamins, minerals, probiotic bacteria and dietary fiber have been added to the list. However, the vast majority of ingredients contained in supplements and advertised as effective in preventing various health problems or restoring vitality are not there.

Last Words

Unfortunately, even such guidelines do not cause complete honesty on the part of manufacturers. For example, the manufacturer sells multi-ingredient syrup with raspberry juice and vitamin C and advertises it as a cold prevention agent. Graphics and advertising suggest that raspberry juice is the “healing” ingredient, while the addition of vitamin C allows the syrup to be described as supporting immunity.