Smartest Options in the Establishment of Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. Some daily habits can contribute to maintaining or improving one’s mental well-being.

It is about adopting a positive attitude and engaging in activities that promote mental health. Strengthening personal psychic resources (strengths and what makes us feel good) prepares us to better face the critical periods that can occur during life.

The following elements are not a “magic recipe” for feeling good. They are simply some tricks that can contribute to mental well-being. For the Importance of mental health care this is the best deal.

Recognize your strengths and respect your limits

In modern society, performance and excellence have a high value. Yet the human being is not perfect and can be fragile. It is normal to not always be efficient, happy or brilliant.

It is important to take the time to learn more about yourself (for example through some readings, dialogue with family members or with a professional). This allows you to identify your abilities and accept your limits.

Processing the events of life on an emotional level is a normal process, necessary and not necessarily a symptom of an illness. This process can also take some time. This is why it is important to be self-indulgent. When the need arises, you can ask your entourage for support or specialists.

Take care of yourself and your body

Taking care of yourself is a very personal thing. The means available are manifold and each must refer to those who are most suited to it. Physical activity is a useful tool to combat tensions, whether it is practicing a sport or taking a walk to get some fresh air. The important thing is to make movement, leave the house and change the air.

The activity phases can be followed by rest phases. Moments of rest allow you to “switch off” and then calmly reflect and appreciate the events of the day. Although sleep is important, even going out, stay alone or in company, can promote relaxation. Even a fulfilling sexual life or a well-lived spirituality can be beneficial for mental health.

Cultivating individual creativity and skills

The imagination and skills present in each one often expect nothing more than to be expressed or developed. It is never too late to try out a new activity and discover a new pastime or resume training.

Creative activities allow expressing positive or negative emotions without the use of the word. This allows us to resolve tensions or concerns.

Learning something new and developing your skills stimulates the mind, strengthens self-esteem and breaks up the daily routine. This can be useful, for example, also on a professional level.

The cantons, municipalities and cities often offer a rich program of cultural, artistic, sporting activities or training offers for adults. Some are free. Several organizations can offer support to people with modest incomes. Do not hesitate to inform yourself in your region.

Connect and cultivate social relationships

The human being is a social being that is also realized through relationships with others. There are people who need social relationships more than others. It is important and useful to cultivate relationships with one’s own entourage, whether it be family, friends, neighbors or other members of society.

In some cases you can rely on friends to share joys and sorrows. It is important to find the courage to take a step towards others and open up to establish relationships, even if it is not always easy.