Steroids for women – drugs, benefits and harm that female athletes should know

For some reason, it is generally accepted in the world that bodybuilding is not a female occupation. Although in fact the number of women who are professionally involved in sports, today is absolutely not inferior to the number of male athletes. They also train hard, stick to a certain diet, and face the same problems as bodybuilders of the opposite sex.

At some point, women also have a period when training stops giving results. Then the athletes begin to look for suitable steroids for women and buy Trenbolone 100, but there are not so many of them. Most anabolics are contraindicated for the fair sex due to the high androgenic activity.

Features of taking steroids for girls

Hormonal drugs are used to treat cancer and other ailments in women quite often, but even with the appointment of a doctor, the patient is not immune from side effects. What then to say about taking androgen-anabolic steroids?

Nevertheless, the fair sex often take anabolics. This is primarily due to the fact that the characteristics of the female body and the amount of hormones in it do not allow athletes to independently achieve a natural increase in muscle tissue in the desired quantities.

The effect of taking steroids in women is as follows:

  • muscle hypertrophy – an increase in muscle tissue;
  • fat burning;
  • increase in power indicators and endurance;
  • increased self-esteem (this contributes to the psychotropic effect of androgens);
  • increased libido.

What steroids can I take?

Steroids should be identified for women who are considered relatively safe:


Promotes weight gain, burns fat cells and increases stamina. It practically does not lead to virilization, but its dosage should be lower than for men.


Aimed at gaining mass and increasing stamina. A rather mild preparation that is often used by men as a supplement to the course.


Designed for building muscle tissue and is considered relatively safe for women. To avoid side effects, do not exceed the dosage of 50 mg at a time.


It is quite safe for women due to very low androgenic activity (30% of testosterone). It allows you to gain dry mass and give the muscles a beautiful relief.


Not a steroid, but it is widely used to preserve muscle and burn excess fat. After taking it, an increase in muscle hardness was noted.

Side effects

The most undesirable side effect is virilization – the manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics in women.

Among the frequent negative effects, one can distinguish acne, male-type hairline growth, menstrual irregularities, increased aggression, impaired functioning of the nervous system, and mood swings. Improper administration of drugs with a pronounced androgenic effect can even lead to infertility.

Given all this, women need to be especially careful when choosing anabolic steroids.