The Benefits of CBD Products

Cannabis plants, such as marijuana and hemp, include several compounds, including cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol provides the medical benefits of marijuana without the “high,” since it is free of THC, the marijuana component that causes a feeling of intoxication. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, all of which also allow the sale of products made with CBD oil. Growers like Veritas Farms provide safe, responsibly sourced CBD oil products made from hemp plants. They include tinctures, oils, lotions, and salves. While research is still ongoing, there is strong evidence that CBD oil:

Has Anti-Seizure Properties

CBD may be a treatment for epilepsy. According to the American Epilepsy Foundation, the cannabidiol may offer hope for patients suffering from the disorder. In a 2016 study involving 214 participants, patients added CBD to existing anti-epilepsy medications. After 12 weeks, researchers found that participants had a 36% per month decrease in seizures.

May Be Neuroprotective

There is also evidence that CBD may be able to help those suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. These diseases cause the nerves and brain to degenerate over time. Scientists are investigating the possibility that CBD may be able to help those with symptoms caused by Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and strokes.

Can Help Reduce Pain

Because CBD oil affects the brain’s receptors, researchers are studying it as a pain reliever. Studies show that it can reduce pain after chemotherapy sessions. There is evidence that it may relieve the symptoms caused by chronic pain, arthritis, muscle pain, MS discomfort, and spinal cord injuries. A multiple sclerosis drug called Nabiximols (Sativex) includes THC and CBD. It has been approved for use in Canada, and the U.K. Scientists believe that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties provide most of the relief. Research findings are still ongoing.

May Fight Cancer

Medical marijuana has long been recognized as an antidote to the pain and nausea associated with cancer treatments. Some studies also indicate that it might prevent cancer cell growth. Studies are in the earliest stages, but CBD can moderate inflammation and change the ways cells reproduce. It has been shown to reduce the ability of some tumor cells to replicate.

Could Help With Acne Management

CBD receptor’s effects on the immune system include fighting inflammation in the body. As a result, CBD oil could help those who struggle to control acne. A study cited in the Journal of Clinical Investigation revealed that CBD oil could prevent sebaceous gland activity. The glands produce an oily substance called sebum that keeps skin hydrated. However, too much sebum can contribute to acne. Anyone thinking about using CBD oil for acne should consult their dermatologist to ensure it is the best treatment for their needs.

CBD oil is a cannabis compound that is often extracted from hemp plants and used to create a variety of products for medical use. While research into the oil’s medicinal purposes is in the early stages, evidence suggests that it could help reduce pain and help acne sufferers. CBD has been shown to reduce symptoms of cancer treatments and may help fight the disease. Science is also exploring CBD oil’s neuroprotective qualities and the possibility that it could help those with seizure disorders.