The Glo Up is Real With Yoga Online

In our uber fast-paced and sometimes rat race type of society, it seems as though self-care continuously takes a back seat. We are all busier than ever and too often overworked as well as overstressed. The latter has made it increasingly more difficult for many of us to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into our lives.

Glo Offers a Quiet Place in a World Full of Distractions

Fortunately for us, a brand new concept on fitness and holistic well being has just been introduced. “GLO”, is a new company that has brought us the gift of yoga online. They’ve realized that life is busy, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Thus, rather than fighting the water, they’re simply riding the current. Glo is offering it’s users unlimited access to yoga, meditation and Pilates classes all for a very small monthly fee. Whether you have a full hour, or perhaps only 10 minutes to spare, Glo offers something that will fit into everyone’s schedule.

Glo Will Be Your Guide, No Matter What Your Fitness Goals Are

In addition to the easy access format, Glo also has an ever-changing library of programs that are sure to cater to the needs of all it’s users. For individuals who may have a particular fitness or health goal in mind, Glo definitely has a program to suit their needs. The Glo yoga online programs are designed to take each user on a unique and individualize journey, while also helping you reach your fitness or health goal. All levels of experience are welcome, and the classes offered range from basic techniques, building strength, as well as more intricate and advanced movements. Glo’s programs will seamlessly coordinate with your current goals, as well as assist you in creating new ones.

Glo Yoga Online and Other Courses Offered

As mentioned previously, Glo offers it’s users a wide variety of classes and series. Listed below are a few of the options available.

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga
  • Yoga for Menopause
  • Meditation and Breathing
  • Yoga for Detoxing
  • Mat Pilates

Each series has been carefully organized to ensure each user has a streamlined experience. When choosing a class, the user will also be informed of the length of the series, duration of the class, the advised fitness level, and also any suggested props or equipment. Glo’s entire format rests upon the ideology that each persons experience is as individualized as possible. Upon sign up, new users are prompted to answer a few quick questions. These questions help to lay out the framework for a personalized experience, based on your skill level as well as what your fitness interests are.

There’s Nothing To Lose With Yoga Online

In addition to everything that Glo is already offering, they’re also giving new users a 14-day free trial. For 2 weeks new users get a chance to really discover what Glo and the online yoga format are all about. Users get the opportunity to gain access to unlimited classes ranging from various concentrations, and it’s all for free!

Health and wellness like anything else is an investment. Invest in your self, and allow Glo to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and holistic wellness.