The Medical Pros of Marijuana

People have been using cannabis and marijuana while treating their ailments in the last 3,000 years. Even though, the FDA doesn’t deem marijuana as a safe and effective treatment in various medical conditions. That is why in 2008, cannabidiol, a chemical substance found in medical marijuana was legalized so that it could help in treating various epilepsy.

However, it has shown that there is an increase in the use of marijuana across the world. It might be linked with the legalization of the product because of the major public health concerns.

In the article, you will learn the scientific evidence that weighs the products of medical benefit and health risks.

Pros of Using Medical Marijuana

  • Epilepsy

Marijuana was legalized in 2008 because it showed that it cures different forms of epilepsy. They are conditions that are difficult controlling while using other medication types. The main drug used is called Epidiolex that is CBD-based.

CBD is a compound found in marijuana and therefore not psychoactive. The drug that they use is usually in a purified form. It is something that was approved after various studies done.

  • Chronic Pain

According to various experiments, it was seen that marijuana helps to treat chronic pain. The pain leads to disability and therefore affecting millions of adults.

When an individual uses cannabinoids products or marijuana, they have an effect of relieving chronic pain. The cannabinoid is an active ingredient that is found in marijuana and acts as a receptor.

  • Social Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, And Depression

Marijuana is known to also treat mental illness symptoms. However, the researchers also found that marijuana can help to relieve post-traumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms.

Despite the benefit, it is also not recommended to treat some mental health conditions like psychosis and bipolar disorder.

However, in some studies, they indicate that marijuana alleviates the symptoms of having social anxiety. When you use marijuana regularly, on the other hand, you might increase the social anxiety risks.

  • Alcoholism And Drug Addiction

According to the study, it indicates that people who are trying to fight alcoholism or opioid addiction can depend on medical marijuana. The findings are contentious and might increase the risks of abusing and therefore depending in some other substances.

However, when one continues to use marijuana, they will likely develop another problem of using it. For individuals that began using marijuana while they are young have an increased risk because they might develop a problem while using marijuana.

  • Multiple sclerosis

When oral cannabinoids are used for a short time, it may help to improve spasticity among the people having multiple sclerosis.

  • Cancer

In some evidence, they suggest that oral cannabinoids are more effective against vomiting and nausea that is caused by chemotherapy. In other studies, smoked marijuana can help alleviate the symptoms.

For people studying on cancer cells, they suggest that can slow down or kill the growth of cancer. Despite being a safe treatment, they have not proven to cure or control the effects of cancer.