The need to escape from reality creates a drug addict:

Low grades at school, lack of companionship at college, politics in the office, family problems! Sounds familiar? Everyone experiences these issues in life. Now some stand up and face the music. Others, however, need something special to cope with the stress that comes along with this problems. When the consumption of these substances exceeds a prescribed limit, it is called substance abuse or commonly as drug addiction. Drug abuse is the single largest social evil in the world today. As per the United Nations office for drugs and crime, more than 275 million people in the age group of 15 to 64 years have been subject to substance abuse at least once in the year 2018.

Drug rehabilitation centers – A painful yet effective way ahead for a better life:

You will find many reputed rehab centers for substance addiction at Los Angeles, California. The Serenity Recovery Center offers comprehensive and holistic detoxification against drug abuse. Drug detoxification is a tedious process wherein the body undergoes hardship at the chemical level. at serenity custom tailored treatment programs are advised by a panel of seasoned nurses medical practitioners and psychologists. Acupuncture, yoga is used as one of the traditional methods of creating personal awareness and reinforcing determination not to use drugs again. Medical therapy involves the use of opioids such as Methadone, Buprenorphine. A healthy mix of traditional and pharmacological treatments will help to alleviate the overall stress involved with the rehabilitation program.

Welcome to the playground:

Serenity Recovery Center is well equipped to provide a congenial  atmosphere to aid the patient to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Private rooms equipped with individual bathrooms and lavatory, open peaceful public spaces, entertainment centers and many more facilities to help your loved ones beat drug abuse.