Things to Know about Detox Kit for Marijuana

An individual, who had been taking prohibited drugs like marijuana, will someday think about flushing out the chemical substances in his body. It is also a fact that this detoxification process is not easy. You have to exert time and effort to successfully free your system from unwanted contaminants. Let’s say that you would like to do the detox because you need to undergo drug testing. Pretty sure that this is a very important matter and so, you have to be serious with it.

What you need to do now is to find ways on how you are going to pass this drug test. The simplest and easiest way to solve this issue is to use a detox kit, but due to demand, you will really know which one is more effective. Therefore, I suggest you to visit sites like to check what kit to use. In your thinking, these kits are all the same as far as detoxifying drug is concerned. But that is not always the case because these do not only differ in manufacturer.

It also has something to do with the kind of drug that it will detoxify. I supposed, you are very much aware that a sick person, who takes the wrong prescription or medicine won’t get better. Instead, his sickness may even get worse. The same thing is true with detox kits. If you are trying to use one because you had been smoking marijuana, then you have to choose the one that is specifically made for marijuana users. Again, failure to follow this basic instruction may lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction of the detox result.

Common Types of Detox Kit

The most common type of detox drug is the Biochemical Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine Medicine or BPNEM. This drug aims to settle your system to its natural state. If you had been relying on drugs as well as alcohol, then this is the type of drug detox that you may take. Since this drug will administer the oral IV and the bio-injections, which contain amino acids and nutrients. Your neuro-receptors will then be healed. After 10 days, you will start feeling none to less cravings for alcohol and drugs.

Another drug detox that you can surely afford is the Cold Turkey. Drug and alcohol dependents may also take this for detoxification. This drug will heal the damaged neuro-receptors and neurotransmitters. But keep in mind that sudden abstinence from your addiction may cause fatal seizures. So, you better consult your doctor about this detox.

We also have the Suboxone drug detox, which treats opiate, heroin and methadone dependents. This will hinder you from your addiction. Lastly, we have the Rapid Detox, which easily cleanses your system from metabolites. You need to find out more about metabolites, especially if you are dealing with drug and detox issues. By the way, this drug will stop you from your addiction to drugs. It can take effect within 6 to 24 hours. Again, consult an expert’s advice, if this drug detox is good for you.

Common Side Effects Drug Detox

You should also know that taking drug detox has side effects. Please keep in mind that detoxification is not supposed to be done in a rush. That’s why it is better to ask your doctor about a detox program that will suit your body. Sometimes, you may be thinking that you have to flush all those chemicals out as soon as possible. But again, doing it in the wrong way may also be risky to your body system. Now, your doctor may advise you to also lose weight, exercise regularly, take vitamins, eat healthy foods and watch your diet. Do as he says, because this is needed as you also take drug detox pills.

The side effects that you may experience will depend on how you took the drug detox. For example, you may experience fatigue or you may feel like you have drained your energy. Some may also have nausea, especially right after abstaining from your habitual marijuana smoking and alcohol drinking.

Since you need to drink more water or juice, then expect to increase the number of urination. It is also possible for you to experience diarrhea as well as increase in bowel movement because you are releasing the toxins out of your body.

Side Effects of Marijuana Detox

Most of the people, who needs to take the drug test are marijuana smokers. It is true that they are addicted to it, but they have to abstain from smoking for such reason. One of the things that these marijuana dependents do is to detox. It may be helpful to you, but you have to know that taking this method also have side effects.

Some of you may experience headaches, insomnia, severe anxiety, fatigues, depression, loss of appetite and irritability. Aside from that, there is also a possibility for your blood pressure to increase that may trigger heart attack or stroke. And then, you may also experience irregularity of your heartbeat as well as difficulty in your breathing. The most dangerous thing that may happen is to experience seizures. You should know that drug addiction may damage your brain cells. Anyway, when these effects are noticed, you have to consult your doctor immediately.

How long does marijuana stay in your body?

Marijuana stays in your system after smoking or consuming it. But finding out how long it will stay in your system has no typical way. Pinpointing the exact figure won’t be easy because an individual’s body system differs. It is due to the usage, how you exercise and your metabolism.

Let’s say that you are going to take the urine test. For light users, it will be detected within 3 days after smoking. While it would take 77 days for heavy users. And then, 10 to 30 days for average users.

What if you are going to take the blood or saliva test? It can be detected within 7 days. And then, individuals, who would like to make the hair test, will take them a maximum of 90 days.