Things to know about gorilla glue

Gorilla glue is one of the known strains in marijuana industry and is getting increasingly popular among the medical patients. It is because the extracted product from the strain is loaded with highly concentrated compounds that help in reducing symptoms of several medical conditions. These conditions may include chronic pain, inflammatory injuries, arthritis and many more.

Moreover, it is also used in treating certain mental problems like anxiety, depression etc. But some people fail to choose good quality of gorilla glue due to which they have to fail many problems and are unable to enjoy satisfied experience. If you are also looking forward to get strain of this gorilla glue #1 strain review then it is important to have some research work else go through the article properly.

Things to know


The buds of gorilla glue are generally spongy and dense and usually have dark olive green color which is typically covered with orange pistils. Due to high concentration of trichomes the buds of this strain are coated in sticky resin and are generally called gorilla glue. Moreover, this sticky resin helps in protecting it from looing its capability. So, if you are also looking forward to buy this strain then please check whether it has sticky substance in its buds or not.


The smell of the strain is unique and doesn’t match with its parent. The smell of the extract is much similar to various elements like pine, chocolate, coffee and diesel. Moreover, it also has earthy vegetative that makes it different from others. You can clearly experience the smell of all these elements in its natural form and when it is combusted the smell gets enhanced. The best thing about the strain is that when it is smoked then it doesn’t make the environment nasty like others rather it gives a cold aroma.


Although it is forbidden to taste it because it is filled with strong diesel taste, but if you want to check the quality then try to break a minute piece and taste it. Sometimes, it also gives the taste of coffee and chocolate but its original taste is of strong diesel. The important thing to keep in mind is that the taste of diesel remains in your mouth for a longer period of time after consumption. So, if you are taking it for the first time then try to mix it with other substance to minimize its taste while smoking.


On average this strain usually contains 18-22% of THC, but in some strains it could range up to 28% which is more than enough in comparison to others. That is why its overdose can result in many side-effects like dry eyes, cotton mouth, so if you are taking it then it is highly recommended to take in a limited quantity. In addition, it can also result in making you lazy and unconscious if you are taking it for the very first time. If you are using it to cure your medical condition then consult with your doctor before taking it.