Things You Need To Know About Dental Implants

 A dental implant is a great alternative to replace a missing tooth, and it can dramatically improve your smile and increase the quality of life. Think about how difficult it is to eat and chew every day with a missing tooth. Wouldn’t be nice to have a long-lasting solution that functions like a real tooth? A dental implant is a boon for patients who miss one or more teeth.

However, many are anxious about the surgery as they think it is a complex procedure, while others avoid due dental implants cost. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report shows that “one-third of Australians avoid the dentist due to cost.” But, most of the dental treatments are not costlier, irresponsibility is. Consider the benefits of replacing the missing teeth with dental implants.

Dental implants have a high success rate 

When compared to other teeth restorative options, cheap dental implant has a 98% success rate. Studies show greater dental implants success rates when done by a dental specialist. A good number of people have had dental implant procedure without any complications and they in fact feel great about replacing their missing tooth with teeth implants.

Implants look and feel natural 

The only difference between a dental implant and your real teeth is that it is not a real one. Surprised? Yes, they are customised to look, feel, and fit like your other surrounding teeth. It will look like a perfect clone of your missing tooth. As it is naturally fused with the jawbone, it acts as a root of the new prosthetic tooth. Special care is given when designing crown to ensure that matches and blends well with your natural teeth.

Implants enhance the quality of life 

Unlike dentures, dental implants allow you to enjoy all foods. You do not have to take extra care when eating. Traditional dentures often slide which makes eating difficult.  Dental implants allow you to eat all foods without any hesitation. And also it allows better bite force than with the dentures.

Implants protect jawbone 

Unlike dentures, dental implants preserve the jawbone quality. When you lose a tooth, it creates a void where the root was situated. Unfortunately, dentures only focus on replacing the crown of a missing tooth and not the root. On the other hand, dental implants focus on the root. As implants fuses with the jawbone, it help to grow new tissue around the implant and create natural bond between bone and metal.

Implants protect other teeth 

When you lose a tooth, the other teeth gradually shift to the empty space and increase the risk of getting gum disease. Replacing a missing tooth with a denture may be a great option, but it involves cutting some parts of adjacent healthy teeth to ensure the proper balance of the bridge. With dental implants, you can position a crown or a bridge on the implant itself.

Dental implant price is affordable, and ensures the healthy teeth stay healthy while providing a foundation in your jawbone to support a new prosthetic tooth.