Tips from Dentist Balmain to keep your Teeth Strong and Healthy!

A question for you, what is the strongest part of the human body? Is it the bones that help to move and protect the internal organs? Could it be the tough toenails and fingernails? No! The hardest part of our body is the enamel that covers our teeth. You are surprised, aren’t you?

Teeth Enamel!

The bones in our body grow with us and even knit back together if we, unfortunately, suffer a broken arm or leg. Also, our nails both toenails and fingernails grow back, so you should trim them regularly. However, the enamel that covers our teeth doesn’t repair itself or grow when it is damaged. So our teeth enamel should last for a lifetime. Now the question is, how such a strong part of human bodies can be damaged? Can we do something to protect our teeth? Yes, luckily, we can. Here are a few tips from dentist Balmain to keep our teeth strong, healthy, and last longer.

Prevent Cracks and Chips:

You might be the highest soccer on your basketball team or fastest on your bike. However, even the strongest teeth cannot win against an elbow under the basket, a paved road, or a cement skate park. You should talk to dentist Balmain about a mouthguard if you are physically active.

A mouthguard is nothing but a removable appliance that fits tightly around your teeth, protecting your jaw and teeth in case of an accident. You should also protect your enamel even if you are not an adventurous person. There are a few tips for you. Don’t bite down on hard candies or ice cubes and also save your pencils and pen for writing and not chewing.

Protect your Teeth from Tooth Grinding:

You are not alone if you grind your teeth. Many young people do it too, mostly while sleeping. In fact, mostly it could be your sibling or parent who let you know that you grind your teeth at night. Constant pressure on the teeth enamel can lead to sensitivity, cracked enamel, and even worn-down teeth.

To guard your teeth, dentists suggest mouth guard. Once again, it is a great solution. The mouthguard can be customised for you to sleep comfortably while also protecting your teeth.

Brush regularly and eat a Healthy Diet:

There are so many bacteria in our mouth. While some are helpful, some are not. The bacteria in the plaque can convert food products like starches and sugar we consume into acids. These acids break down the enamel of the teeth leading to decay and tooth sensitivity. Reducing the intake of carbs and sugars in your diet and eating meals rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins will help stop acid from harming your enamel.

Also, Balmain dentist suggest to floss and brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, which can help those minerals present in the teeth enamel from breaking down and also help preserve them.

As discussed, teeth enamel is the strongest part of our body, and we can help it stay that way. Follow good oral care routine and visit dental clinic Balmain at regular intervals for the strong teeth and beautiful smile.