Walk With Confidence: How To Overcome Balance Problems

One in three seniors’ falls at least once a year, falls are the # 1 cause of injury hospitalizations in seniors 65+. According to statistics published by Canadian Institute for Health Information, in 2017-2018, there were 137,568 injury hospitalizations involved seniors and 81% were due to falls. In fact, many of fall-related injuries are preventable.

BalancePro is a company born out of the research department of Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network. Featuring an insole technology that has been clinically proven to reduce falls by 44% in seniors, BalancePro has a simple vision to achieve: a world with no falls that are preventable.

Meet the Founders

Dr. Stephen Perry is a professor of neuroscience and biomechanics at Wilfrid Laurier University and a Scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. Stephen has spent the last 20 years researching falls in the elderly, neurophysiology and footwear. One of his key research areas involves understanding the role that foot sole sensation has in balance control and how improvements in that sensation can improve balance control and reduce fall risk – BalancePro was an invention created from those research studies. 

Candice Yun, a CPA, MBA and a previous commercialization analyst at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, first heard about BalancePro insoles when she was learning about different research innovations at Toronto Rehab Research. Immediately intrigued by the product because of her personal stories with her grandmother who suffered from a fetal fall years ago, she was eager to find out the commercial status of BalancePro insoles. When she learned that the product was still waiting to be commercialized, she reached out to Dr. Stephen Perry and discussed the idea of creating a company to bring this amazing product to market. Supported by the senior management team at Toronto Rehab Research, BalancePro was born.

How Does BalancePro Insoles Prevent Falls?

In one of Dr. Perry’s research studies, it demonstrated that sensitivity at the sole of our foot plays a key role in helping us maintain balance. When we age, we start to lose the sensation at the bottom of our foot as part of the natural aging process. BalancePro features a specially designed ridge around its perimeter to stimulate and enhance foot plantar-surface (sole) sensation and therefore, enhance one’s balance and reduce possibility of falls.

What are Founders’ Goals for BalancePro?

With a mission to provide practical and innovative footwear solutions to enhance balance and reduce falls for seniors around the globe, Stephen and Candice are working with world-leading researchers in aging and fall prevention as well as partnering with distribution partners to bring more innovative footwear inventions to market. BalancePro currently distributes through both e-commerce platforms and offline channels through pharmacies and retirement homes in North America. They have a goal to reach 10% of the senior population in North America and expand into the European market by 2021.