What Are the Benefits of Having Hip Surgery?

If you are living with ongoing pain in your hips, you may be ready to take the next step in your treatment and consider hip surgery.

Choosing the right surgeon is a crucial part of your decisions and can help you understand what the decision points are at each step of your journey.

Hip surgery is a big decision and one that can long-lasting benefits and results in a better quality of life.

One key benefit of going through hip surgery is approved ability to walk and move without the pain that may currently be a part of everyday life.

Hip Surgery Can Dramatically Reduce Your Pain Levels

The bone-on-bone grating feeling that can be caused by many years of walking, running and other activity can be extremely painful.

When you elect to have hip surgery, the entire ball and socket joint are replaced with ceramic or metal joints.

The majority of patients tell their physician that their pain levels are dramatically reduced or even eliminated after they have completely healed from their hip surgery.

Will Hip Surgery Improve My Ability to Move?

While there are some restrictions on your movement after hip surgery, it will remove a good deal of your movement and allow you to be more active in the future.

It can also reduce the possibility of chronic health conditions due to lack of exercise. People are much less likely to be depressed as they age if they are able to get adequate exercise and time outdoors.

You will need to avoid excess stress on the joint after hip surgery such as sitting on low seats or anything else that bend the hip joint at a 90-degree angle or greater.