What is Alkaline diet?


Well, the Alkaline diet is what everyone is shifting on nowadays. People have thought in their mind that the alkaline diet is going to be healthier for them as compared to the acidic diet. And that’s true as well. The alkaline diet is actually formed on an idea based on replacing the acid forming food with the alkaline food, which can help them in improving their health.

And let me tell you that, the Alkaline diet could even help you to save yourself from fighting many serious diseases like cancer. So, today I am going to tell you each and every detail related to the Alkaline diet. So, let’s begin with gaining knowledge about what is the Alkaline diet?

What is Alkaline diet?

Firstly, the other name for the alkaline diet is the acid-alkaline diet, and it is also known as alkaline ash diet, so if you hear any of this same then don’t get confused about it. Well, your diet can alter the PH value from your body or the measurement of acidity or alkalinity of your body. Its all about your metabolism, which helps your body to convert food into energy, and sometimes, people compare it with fire. Well, both of themare based on a chemical reaction, so basically its aim is to break down the solid mass.

However, the chemical reaction in your body happens in a slow and controllable manner which doesn’t happen in case of fire. When things burn, it leaves ash behind, in the same way, the food we eat, when digested completely leaves ash behind which is known as metabolic waste. And this metabolic ash could be alkaline, or you can say neutral, and it could be acidic.

It has been claimed that the metabolic waste of your body can directly or indirectly connected to your body’s acidity. In other words, if you eat acidic food, then it is going to leave acidic ash in your body, which is going to make your blood more acidic. And if you eat food which is more alkaline, then it is going to leave ash, which is also going to be alkaline, which simply makes your blood more alkaline.

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Well, that’s a little overview of the Alkaline diet. As everyone knows that cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. So, now we are going to take a look at what is the link between the Alkaline diet and cancer. So, now let’s move further and check this out.

Alkaline and Cancer

Studies have shown that the highly acidic environment generally attracts the cancer cells. Or I can say that the cells grow in the environment with the low PH. It has been concluded that, if you eat a diet which is high in alkaline or high PH diet, and limit your acidic diet, you can raise your body’s PH level. Which means you can make your body’s environment more alkaline which is a very poor environment for cancer cells to grow.

But let me tell you that, there is no way that you could change the PH level of your blood. It doesn’t matter, how much you shift to an alkaline diet, the PH level of your blood is always going to be the same. The PH level of your saliva could be changed, and also the same as your urine could change. But no matter how much alkaline diet you take, it is never going to change the PH level of your blood. So, there is no way through this alkaline diet to save you from the blood cancer, but it is not going to increase the chances of blood cancer for sure.

Final Few Words About Alkaline Diet

Well, the alkaline diet is a healthy one, which encourages high consumption of selective fruits, vegetables, and healthy plant foods while it restricts junk food consumption. Also, it is going to be helpful for those who have chronic kidney diseases, as it is low in protein diet. But to close my words, I am going to say that the alkaline diet is quite a healthy diet because it is based on whole and unprocessed food and also its benefits have nothing to do with the PH level balance.