. What is heart rate variability?

The heart’s beating is highly associated with health and wellness of a person. Heart rate might not be same all the time in which the situation and environment has a huge impact.  A heart beat is generally influenced by autonomic nervous system which is a part of peripheral nervous system that standardizes the functioning of various organs.
Heart rate variability can be used to identify health problems and devices are discovered to fish out the variability. If you haven’t been aware of this before, exploring this article would enlighten you about it. 

What is heart rate variability?

In general, our heart does not beat at regular intervals of time instead they beats at slightly variable timings and variability is known as heart rate variability. If a heart beats 72 times a minute, it doesn’t mean they beat with regular interval of time. The time between every beat may change. Monitoring the variability tells a lot about the person’s health. 

Autonomic nervous systems are classified into two large components in general. One is sympathetic and another one is parasympathetic nervous system.  When the patients systems is in sympathetic mode, then the heart beat usually low. Variation must be high in the relaxed state. People with good cardiovascular fitness often have higher heart rate variability and those are also highly resilient to stress in their life.  A low heart rate variation has the risk of cardiovascular diseases and often takes people to death. 

Effectual ways to monitor heart beat variability:

Electrocardiogram or ecg pulse analysis is generally employed to record electrical activity of heart beat. In this method, electrodes are placed on patients’ body such as near the chest. The electrodes have the potential to monitor even small electrical changes on skin which is caused by heart beat.

 Record from electrocardiogram symbolizes the electro physical activity taken place on heart and it is one of the best practices to monitor, interpret heart rate variability. This method is familiar all around the world. Since its efficacies are higher than other methods, specialists around the world prefer this electro cardio gram.  

Interpreting the results of ecg, doctors offers you valid piece of advice and mention necessary changes on lifestyle. Diet, physical exercises are the common advice often suggested by doctors around the world. It creates more ideas about the way you have lived and how your behavior affects nervous system and bodily functions. Even ayurveda techniques are employed to improve the heart rate variability. 

Zillions of specialist centers are available in which you can test your heart rate variation today and take the necessary changes needed for healthy life. Employing internet to fish out specialist centers are also a wise idea. When you are new to a locale or presumptuous, internet offers you necessary advice.  With short span of time, you can monitor the right place to monitor your heart rate variability. 

Once you have undergone ECG, follow all the advices of doctor which is the best practice to improve and maintain good health.