What to Expect After Pulling Tooth

Tooth Extraction: Causes and What to Expect After It

Nobody expects tooth extraction as it leads to discomfort. But, there are many reasons when people need to get their teeth pulled out. The primary cause of tooth extraction is a badly damaged tooth that results from trauma or decay. If you are also suffering intense dental pain and want to extract your paining tooth, you may consult dentist Barrie Molson Park Dental.  They are considered the best dental practitioner in Toronto.

Main Causes Of Tooth Extraction

  • As we already mentioned, the main reason for tooth extraction is damaged teeth. Teeth can be damaged due to accidental injury, infection or decay in teeth.
  • Another reason can be a crowded mouth. Crowded mouth always looks unattractive and it leads to losing confidence and dental issues. So, the dentist recommends orthodontia procedures for getting properly aligned teeth. In which extra teeth are removed in order to gain properly aligned teeth.

What to Expect After Pulling Tooth

Usually, Oral surgeons or Dentists give an injection of a local anesthetic to the patient before pulling out a tooth. It numbs the area around the tooth that will be going to be removed. In some cases, the dentist uses a strong general anesthetic. It prevents intense pain throughout the patient’s body and makes them sleep during the extraction procedure.

Tooth extraction is not that much easy as it seems, especially when the tooth is impacted. Dentist remove impacted tooth very carefully because they need to cut away the gum and bone tissue that might be infected by the infection. If the tooth is hard to extract, the dentist cut it into small pieces for easy removal.

After tooth extraction, the Oral surgeon packs a gauze pad into the socket in order to avoid blood clotting. Sometimes, the dentist needs to place a few stitches to seal the gum edges over the extraction area. A gauze pad should not be removed or 30 to 40 minutes after the procedure. Moreover, a patient can experience a small amount of bleeding after a tooth is pulled.

What to Do After Complete Healing?

When the area of extraction completely heals, you can restore your smile. For this, you can consult your dentist and they may recommend you some popular restorative treatments like dental implants, bridges, and dentures. The dentist suggests the particular restorative treatment according to a number of removed teeth in your mouth.